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How to Compare Business Insurance Quotes

How to Compare Small Business Insurance Quotes Finding the right business insurance  means having to compare small business insurance quotes from agents, brokers and even online providers. This is an important process for the small business owner. There are a lot of options, much to understand and it’s about much more than the premiums you’ll pay. When shopping […]

What Small Business Should Know about EPLI

What Small Business Should Know About Employment Practices Liability If you’re a small business owner with employees, you’re likely to buy worker’s compensations insurance . That’s an easy call. Why not, it helps protect you from the worry of financial loss when work-related accidents happen to members of your staff. Additionally, it’s required by law in […]

Does Your Business Have a Right to Refuse Service?

Does Your Business Have a Right to Refuse Service? It’s generally understood that there are legitimate reasons for a business owner to refuse service to a customer, and that it’s within their rights to do so.  In fact, you may have seen a sign at your favorite restaurant or retailer that reads, “we reserve the […]

Do Freelancers Need Business Insurance?

Do Freelancers Need Business Insurance? The number of people participating in the gig-economy is growing every day. In fact, exiting corporate life to become a freelancer is a realty for approximately 57 million people according to a 2019 study by Upwork and the Freelancers Union. In makes senses, the flexibility of freelance work can be […]

Ten Tips for Buying Business Insurance

Ten (10) Tips To Help You Buy Business Insurance Each small business owners is tasked with managing risk. From cashflow to capital investment, human resources,  or debt management, the business owner is constantly evaluating potential pitfalls and exposure. Most of these risks can’t be transferred away. This is what makes insurance so valuable. It allows […]

Restart Your Business in the Post COVID-19 Market

Restart Your Business in the Post COVID-19 Market It’s unclear how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, but what is certain is that many states, including California, are beginning to re-open the economy. Will you be ready to restart your business in the post-COVID market? Many small businesses have been hit hard by the recent […]

Should I Cancel Business Insurance During Shutdown?

Should I Cancel Business Insurance During Shutdown? If you’re one of the many businesses deemed “non-essential” and are feeling the impact of being temporarily shutdown by a shelter-in-place order, you’re seeking ways to manage your business through this tragedy. You may be asking, “should I cancel business insurance during the shutdown?” This makes sense, cost […]

Answers to COVID-19 Business Insurance Questions

Answers to COVID-19 Business Insurance Questions IronPoint remains as committed to our customers as ever, and we continue to work with our business insurance customers through these trying times. Our team members are, as always, ready to provide support wherever you – or we – may be working. To assist, we have created this working […]

What are the Most Common Small Business Insurance Claims?

What are the Most Common Small Business Insurance Claims? One of the difficult things about selling insurance, and small business insurance isn’t any different, is that the well intentioned consumers who purchases these financial services don’t intend to have insurance claims. This belief is actually understandable because the percent of businesses that suffer a loss is, in […]

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Small Business Insurance

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Small Business Insurance When you start a small business you’ll be presented with many new and complicated choices, among them will be the need to buy small business insurance. This can seem a bit daunting, possibly expensive … and maybe not very fun. Look on the bright side, […]

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