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Business Insurance

Get the right business insurance coverage at the best price – just one application.

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We make business insurance quotes easy.

Small business insurance doesn’t need to be difficult. Let us shop the market for you. Simply provide us with your information once, and we’ll shop the market for you. It’s super easy. We do the work and you enjoy the savings.

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One application

Save tons of time by providing your information once. You still get quotes from several A+ Rated business insurance carriers. 

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Multiple quotes

Our professional commercial insurance agents will shop the market for you, and provide you with multiple quote options.

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You choose, you save

After you review the quotes, you select the one that meets your needs. We’re always here to provide advice and guidance.

Why choose IronPoint?

At IronPoint we strive to be a forward-thinking insurance agency. We’ve created multiple ways to work with us, and use leading technology to help you quote, service, and even buy business insurance online.

  • Excellent Service

  • Highly rated Insurance Carriers

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  • Online comparison quotes

  • Quote & buy online

The right business insurance for you

Does your small business require basic protection or specialized coverage? With IronPoint, we offer several forms of protection from our highly-rated insurance carrier partners. This helps you get the best combination of coverage and price, and can be customized as your business grows.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability

Nearly all small businesses need this coverage. It protects against things like bodily injury, property damage, completed operations, and advertising injury that may arise from your business.
Business Owner's Policy

Business Owner’s Policy

This coverage, known as a “BOP”, packages general liability and property coverage into one convenient policy. It’s a common choice for small businesses with commercial buildings or business personal property.

Worker’s Compensation

This coverage protects you and your employees. It helps pay for expenses like medical costs and lost wages to employees who become injured or ill on the job or in the course and scope of their employment.
Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability

This is unique liability protection for businesses that render professional services, consultations, or advice. It protects against claims of professional negligence. It’s commonly known as Errors and Omissions insurance.
Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto

You need this coverage if you use your vehicles for business. This can include traveling between job sites, making deliveries, or transporting tools and equipment. It provides liability and physical damage protection for your business vehicles and trailers.
Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability

Protects against electronic threats, such as data breaches and cyber-attacks. Businesses that store or process sensitive data like credit card information should consider this coverage.

How much does business insurance cost?

Many sites will quote you their average or median premiums. But this isn’t a way to understand the cost you may pay for business insurance. You first need to understand the factors that determine your business insurance premium.

The cost each business may pay is based on certain factors, including your business’s industry, also called the class. For example, an accounting firm has different risks than a contractor, and a landscaper is slightly different than a tree trimming service. The industry plays a significant role in determining your premium. 

Becoming savvy about the factors that determine the cost of business insurance, can sometimes help you control the amount you pay.

We make managing your business insurance policy easy

With our mobile app and online customer portal, you can easily manage your business insurance policy, download documents, and even compare business insurance quotes. The mobile app lets you aggregate all your insurance policies in one easy-to-use technology.

  • All policies in one place

    Our mobile app is a one-stop option for all your insurance policies. It lets you communicate with your agent, share documents, request changes, or even new quotes.

  • Service made easy!
    It’s easy to make payments or use the app’s chatbot to request service. Now you can easily manage policy changes and make sure you make all your payments.
  • Need a new quote?

    The app connects to our online quote so you can get new business insurance quotes from your phone. It has never been easier to confirm you’re getting the best rates.

Don’t have the app, login online: Customer Self-Service.

Let’s get started

You provide us with your information once and we’ll shop the market for you. It’s fast, safe, and secure.

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Got questions about business insurance?

What does business insurance cover?

Business insurance refers to the combination of coverages or policy types that business owners buy to protect their businesses. There isn’t a single policy that protects a small business. Some euphemistically refer to general liability insurance as “business insurance.” However, in reality, insurance for your business is likely going to be a range of policies required to fit your unique risk profile. Review our business insurance checklist to see what coverages are right for your organization.

Do I need insurance if I’m a sole proprietor or freelancer?

The simple answer is, “yes.” In fact, it can be argued that sole proprietors are more at risk because they are personally responsible for their business’s liabilities and debts. The sole proprietor places their personal assets, like bank accounts or real estate, if their business becomes financially liable for a claim or loss.

Do freelancers need business insurance? This answer is basically the same. Freelancers are typically sole proprietors, so the same personal liabilities will likely apply.

For any business, regardless of organizational structure, it’s unavoidable, accidents happen. However, the financial consequences can be managed with a good small business coverage plan.

Is business insurance required by law?

In most states, worker’s compensation is required by law. Additionally, if your business owns a vehicle, commercial auto insurance may also be legally required.

While many other business insurance types may not be required by law, some may be required in order for your business to sign a lease or enter into contracts. For example, you may need general liability for a commercial office or warehouse lease, and professional liability to contract with some vendors.

Whether coverage is legally required or not may not be the right way to view your business insurance strategy. Ask yourself a few questions before you buy business insurance, and you’ll begin to develop a proper insurance plan for your business.