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Commercial Auto Insurance

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What is commercial auto insurance?

Like your personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance provides liability and physical damage protection for vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and vans. However, these vehicles are owned or used by a business. Because commercially used vehicles are exposed to more risk than personal vehicles, they require a separate policy.

Who needs commercial auto insurance?

If your business owns one or more vehicles, you need commercial auto insurance. If your business uses a vehicle in the course of its business operation, you need commercial auto insurance.

Because your personal auto insurance is for commuting to work or pleasure use. It’s not reliable for commercial purposes. It won’t cover you if you use your car for deliveries, hauling loads, or picking up supplies.

While some personal insurance policies do have business or artisan use endorsements, they are narrowly defined and very limited. Making them unreliable as a source of protection for your business.

So, if your business owns or uses a vehicle to conduct business, you need a commercial auto insurance policy.

Who buys commercial auto insurance

When to buy checklist:

Still not sure if you should buy commercial auto insurance? If you do any of these, then you should consider switching to commercial auto:

  • Vehicle registered to a business
  • The vehicle used to drive to job sites
  • Carry tools, supplies, or equipment
  • Drive clients to meetings
  • Haul equipment or materials
  • Need certificates to do work

Customize your commercial auto insurance

There are similarities in coverage options between a personal and commercial auto insurance policy. However, because business use comes with more risk, a commercial auto policy is customizable with higher limits and unique coverage to protect your business. Selecting commercial vehicle insurance coverage that meets your specific needs is vital to protecting your business and income. A commercial auto insurance quote typically includes:

You can also add rental car reimbursement or roadside assistance coverage.

How much does commercial auto insurance cost?

Commercial Auto Insurance Costs

While many sites will provide you with average costs, the reality is that commercial auto premiums are driven by several factors. These factors can be unique and make your premium different from the average. Your commercial auto insurance premium will be determined by things like:

  • The number and type of vehicles
  • The value of the vehicles
  • The risk classification of your business
  • Claims history
  • Violation history of rated drivers
  • The insurance score of the business or owner
  • The amount of coverage selected

The best way to understand your unique cost for commercial auto insurance is to get a quote. IronPoint can compare quotes with several carriers to get you the most competitive premium.

Difference between personal and commercial auto

If you use vehicles in your business operations, it’s important to understand the difference between personal and commercial auto. Relying on a personal auto insurance policy for business auto protection could be financially devastating.

Key to understanding the differences between personal and commercial auto is understanding what each is designed to do. A commercial auto insurance policy is designed for high-use commercial vehicles. These are vehicles used to primarily carry out your business operations or tasks. Frequently, these types of vehicles are used to transport work products, inventory, or tools. They may also be used to drive to job sites, visit sales calls, or shuttle clients to meetings.

Additionally, commercial auto insurance provides much higher coverage limits to account for the increased risk. It also provides unique coverages tailored to business use.

Personal auto insurance is designed to cover the personal use of vehicles. Personal use differs from commercial use in that it’s mostly for commuting to and from work or school, pleasure driving, or driving related to your personal maintenance (eg. running errands). Moreover, personal auto insurance limits don’t typically go as high as commercial auto, and you cannot get a certificate of insurance for working on job sites.

While some personal auto insurance policies have business or artisan use endorsements, the coverage is very narrow and highly restrictive.

Read more about the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance.

Additional coverage for your business

Does your small business need more than commercial auto insurance? We offer several forms of protection from our highly-rated insurance carrier partners. This helps you get the best combination of coverage and price and can be customized as your business grows.

General Liability Insurance

Nearly all small businesses need this coverage. It protects against things like bodily injury, property damage, completed operations, and advertising injury that may arise from your business.

Business Owners Policy

This coverage, known as a “BOP”, packages general liability and property coverage into one convenient policy. It’s a common choice for small businesses with commercial buildings or business personal property. 

Workers Compensation

This coverage protects you and your employees. It helps pay for expenses like medical costs and lost wages to employees who become injured or ill on the job or in the course and scope of their employment.

E&O Insurance

This is unique liability protection for businesses that render professional services, consultations, or advice. It protects against claims of professional negligence. It’s commonly known as Errors and Omissions insurance.

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Commercial Auto FAQs?

Is commercial auto insurance required by law?

With the exception of only two states, commercial auto insurance is required by law when a vehicle is registered to a business.

Pro-Tip: If you allow your employees to use their own vehicles in the course and scope of their work, you can cover their vehicles with non-owned auto coverage.

How much commercial auto coverage do I need?

First, your state will determine the minimum financial responsibility limits for personal and commercial auto insurance coverage. You will not be able to purchase less than that amount. Additionally, if you’ve financed your vehicles, you may have requirements from the lender to purchase physical damage coverage.

Purchasing the minimum to simply meet the state’s minimum financial responsibility limit, or the coverages required of a lienholder is an option. However, if your goal is to protect your small business, it is recommended you purchase enough liability and property coverage to insulate your assets from third-party claims or lawsuits.

Will commercial auto insurance cover personal use?

Yes. Commercial auto insurance covers your vehicle for both commercial and personal use. In some instances, carriers will not want to issue a commercial auto policy if the vehicles are principally used for personal use.

Can I get commercial auto coverage same day?

Yes. If you complete our online quote or call an agent, you may be able to get coverage on the same day.

However, if you’re a high-risk business class with a fleet of vehicles, it may require prior underwriting approval. These cases may require more time to qualify.

Pro-Tip: For all business insurance policies, it is best to provide ample time before you require coverage. This will provide for the unique underwriting processes that may be required for certain business classes.

Can I change my policy after I buy it?

Yes. Just like a personal insurance policy, you can change the limits, drivers, vehicles, and addresses anytime during the policy term. Simply send an email to IronPoint Support and create a new service ticket, and one of our team will promptly assist with your policy change.

Can I cancel my policy?

You can always cancel your policy if you no longer need coverage, or if you’ve found less expensive coverage elsewhere.

What you want to avoid are lapses in coverage. These occur when you forget to pay premiums on time. These can expose your business to financial loss. Moreover, reinstating or re-writing your commercial auto insurance may lead to increases in premiums.