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Louis C.K. Gets Serious About Texting and Driving (Kinda!)

Typically, we talk about comparison auto insurance quotes, personal and business insurance, home and auto safety tips, and a hodge-podge of financial management advise. And sometimes we simply have fun. This is a chance to combine the serious with the fun! Louis C.K. is one of our favorite comedians, and he’s currently at the top […]

What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

When we talk about your car, we like to remind you about the value of comparison auto insurance quotes, or how to select auto insurance coverage, you know the fun stuff. 🙂 But sometimes it’s just a bit more important when we discuss safety issues, like what to down when your car breaks down or […]

What the New Home Buyer Learns: Importance of Home Insurance

Growing up in sunny California is great, even if you sell home and auto insurance :-). But there I one thing that our suntans, great weather, and awesome beaches can’t conceal, and that the price of a home. As a young man living in Orange County, homeownership seemed a far-off dream, it was something you […]

Time for Big Change at Our Insurance Agency

Change can be a vengeful antagonist. Even subtle forms of change can be uncomfortable, and abrupt change can be downright scary. As a business owner, an insurance agency owner, change is something you try to avoid … it always seems to be costly and disruptive. Insurance professionals are tasked with managing risk, so we’re inherently inclined […]

Zac Brown Band Colder Weather Acoustic

Maybe the wife and I have watched too much Nashville, or seen too much Blake Shelton on The Voice, or maybe Colder Weather by the Zac Brown Band is just a darn good song, what ever the reason, we’re going county this month. Heck, maybe it’s just to avoid having to write about auto insurance. 🙂 Some […]

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