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Business Owner's Policy

Business Owners Policy: Small Business Insurance Solutions

Small to mid-sized businesses that are classified as low-risk are typically eligible for a convenient bundled business insurance policy that includes commercial property insurance and general liability insurance coverage.

This is a specialized and affordable business insurance option called a Business Owners Policy or BOP.

In some cases, a business owner’s policy will offer several additional coverages like business interruption or product liability, which provides protection to the small business owner when the business is forced to shut down temporally due to a covered loss.

If you think your business may qualify for a business owner’s policy, talk with one of the IronPoint Insurance Services small business insurance experts and find the Business Owner’s Policy that fits your business insurance needs!

Still have questions about a Business Owners Policy?

The most important coverage included in the Business Owners Policy is the general liability coverage. This is the coverage that provides you protection in the event of a lawsuit alleging injury or property damage caused by your business activities.

As you can imagine, lawsuits are expensive even if your business is not the liable party.

Lawyers are expensive, in the event of a lawsuit, if you don’t have good general liability insurance coverage, you may be responsible for paying lawyer’s fees. In addition, you may also incur court, witness, expert and other legal costs. These thing can add-up quickly.

The General Liability Insurance included in a business owner’s policy protects your financial interests by providing coverage for these items in the event of a covered loss.

The BOP’s property coverage protects your business property against loss or damage. It also protects property in your care, control, or custody, even if it belongs to your clients, associates, or others. In the event that covered property is harmed or lost, the BOP provides funds for the property’s replacement value, rather than its depreciated value.

This means that, with a BOP in place, you have the means to replace property quickly so you can get back to serving your clients ASAP.

Buying a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP is easy!

Buying a Business Owners Policy doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, here at IronPoint Insurance Services we make it really easy.

  • Same day coverage in just a few minutes. From the time you start your application, you can get a certificate delivered withing the same day.
  • Multiple options. We represent several great business insurance carriers, so we’ll shop to get you the best value, coverage, and rates.
  • Your own business insurance agent. You’ll have your own business insurance agent, so you’ll not only get expert advice, but someone who will intimately understand your business interests.
  • Customized/Personal Service. Since you have your own business insurance agent, you’ll get tailored coverage, and personalized service … and you’ll never get hit with hidden fees.



Let’s Explore Some Key Details about the Business Owners Policy

At IronPoint Insurance Services, our goal is to protect your business from the cost and distraction of property and bodily injury lawsuits and to insure your business assets against damage and loss. Here are some key details about how we achieve both of those goals through your BOP.

Property Insurance claims

Your business property – including furniture, equipment, inventory, and supplies – is typically covered at your own business location and when it is away from your office. Common property claims include theft, accidental damage, and fire. If, for example, your business property should be damaged or destroyed due to fire, explosion, or lightning, your BOP coverage would help you replace it, whether you own or rent your office or other business space. Additionally, if your business accidentally causes a fire in your office space, damage to other tenants’ space and contents would also be covered. Learn More >>>.

General Liability Insurance Claims

In addition to protecting your business against the high costs associated with property and bodily injury lawsuits, the general liability coverage of your Business Owners Policy may also protect your small business against completed operations liability, contract liability, personal and advertising injury, and liquor liability. Learn More >>>.

Business Interruption Insurance

Some policies may also include insurance to reimburse your business for lost income and extra expenses your business may incur as the result of a covered property claim. For example, if a fire in your office forces you to shut down your business for a month while you find and move into temporary office space, you may be able to receive reimbursement for lost income as well as costs associated with your temporary relocation.

Here are Some Quick Tips for Protecting Your small Business

First think you need to do is see if your business qualifies for a Business Owner’s Policy. Not all businesses qualify. If your business is involved in high-risk operations or is highly specialized, you may need higher liability coverage limits than a business owner’s policy can provide. Businesses that occupy large premises or need more than 12 months of business interruption coverage may also need a different approach to coverage. Request a business insurance quote and we’ll match your needs to the right coverage for your business.

Consider adding Umbrella coverage.

If you require protection beyond the limits of the BOP, you can purchase additional coverage in increments of $1 million through Umbrella Insurance (a similar form of coverage is call Excess Liability Insurance). Most business owners considering umbrella coverage find that such protection is more affordable than they expected. Learn the details from an IronPoint business insurance agent.

Find property protection that fits in your budget.

Most property policies insure your business assets for their full replacement value so you can buy new furnishings or equipment in the event of theft or loss. However, if you think you could easily replace your assets with second-hand goods, you may be able to save on premiums by choosing to insure your property at its current value. If you need help deciding what’s best for your business, ask your agent for assistance.

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