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Condo Insurance

Compare condo insurance quotes in just minutes. How much could you save on condo insurance? Let’s get started, it’s safe, secure, and easy.

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What is condo insurance and do I need it?

Condominiums occupy a special category in real estate. They’re not apartments. But they’re not single-family homes either. So it’s no surprise they have their own unique category in insurance, too.

Unlike your home insurance policy, your condo policy works in conjunction with your master homeowners association (HOA) policy to provide protection for your condominium. The HOA policy is responsible for the exterior, and your condo policy is for protecting the interior of the condominium, your personal property along with several other important coverages.

Ways to save on condo insurance

Condo insurance can be affordable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an additional way to save money. Here are a few ways to save on condo coverage.

Condo Insurance Discounts

If you’re moving into a new condo, you could get a discount right off the bat. Seriously! Some carriers provide a discount for new homes. That’s easy. There are other discounts that are almost that easy to earn too.

Condo Insurance Devices

Get a discount if your condo has smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglar alarms, or other qualifying devices. There may even be discounts for smart home devices! If you’re not sure, ask your agent.

Bundle condo insurance

When you bundle home and auto, it’s called a multi-policy discount. Bundle multiple insurance policies with the same insurers (like condo & car or motorcycle), and you could save … BIG time.

What does condo insurance cover?

There are four general condominium insurance coverages: personal property, personal liability, damage to the unit structure, and additional living expenses. Many plans bundle all of these coverages into one comprehensive insurance policy.

Condo Property Insurance

Personal belongings like clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, tools, and power equipment are all covered by personal property coverage on the condo policy (up to the limits purchased) They’re covered most times even if they aren’t in the condo when damaged.

Example: A water leak happens in your bedroom and your clothes, furniture, and audio and video equipment are damaged. If a covered loss, your condo insurance may cover these items up to the limits purchased.

Condo liability insurance
Condo Coverage
Condo insurance loss of use

We make managing your condo insurance policy easy

With our mobile app and online customer portal, you can easily manage your condo insurance policy, download documents & ID cards, and compare insurance quotes. The mobile app lets you aggregate all your insurance policies in one easy-to-use technology.

  • All policies in one place

    Our mobile app is a one-stop option for all your insurance policies. It lets you communicate with your agent, share documents, request changes, or even new quotes.

  • Service made easy!
    It’s easy to make payments or use the app’s chatbot to request service. Now you can easily manage policy changes and make sure you make all your payments.
  • Need a new quote?
    The app connects to our online quote, so you can get new auto or home insurance quotes from your phone. It has never been easier to confirm you’re getting the best rates.

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Condo Insurance Shopping Tips

Get a condo quote in minutes

Compare condominium insurance rates with our A+ carriers in just minutes. It’s safe, secure, and easy.

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Got questions about condo insurance?
We’ve got answers.

How much does condo insurance cost?

Condominium insurance rates vary depending on many factors including how much it would cost to rebuild your unit, the condition and age of your condo, and your location. But great news! Most insurance companies offer discounts and savings to help make your condo policy affordable.

Can I get a discount?
Yep. We offer loads of them. See all the ways you could save big bucks with when you bundle your car and condo insurance.
Doesn’t my HOA cover my condo?

Your homeowner’s association (HOA) likely has insurance that covers the general risk in your building. A condo association policy is maintained through HOA fees that the collective condo owners pay. Basically, everyone pays a small premium to insure the entire community. However, that may not insure the interior of your condo.

Make sure you ask questions and understand the HOA insurance policy. It helps to know exactly what to expect from your HOA. Most HOAs will cover common areas and the exterior structure, but the homeowner remains responsible for the interior.

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