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Bundle home and
auto insurance

Learn how you can save money when you bundle home and auto insurance.

Bundle home and auto insurance with one company and save!

Save Money

Save Money

When you buy auto and home insurance together, you get a multi-policy discount. With most companies, you can even set them up on account billing, so you only have to pay one bill.

Make it Easy

Make it Easy

Set up the IronPoint Mobile app and you can easily manage all your policies from your phone. Our app integrates with the carrier’s app, so you only need one app to stay connected with the carrier and your agent.

Got questions about the home and auto bundle? We’ve got your answers.

Is bundling home and auto insurance worth it?

In a word, yes. On top of saving money, you also have the convenience of a single login for both policies. You can quickly pay your bill online and make updates to either policy — all in one place.

It’s important to get top-notch policies for both your home and auto, which is why IronPoint shops the market for you, and only represent the best insurance companies. Other insurers might offer quality auto insurance at an affordable price but not-so-great home insurance with bare minimum coverage. That could leave you with major bills after a homeowners claim. Luckily, with our insurance carrier partners, quality coverages go hand-in-hand with quantity savings for both our car and home insurance policies.

How much do you save by bundling?

On top of your Multi-Policy discount, some insurers give you a single deductible for both policies. Here’s how that helps you save:

A deductible is an amount you pay out of pocket before coverage steps in. If your home is insured with one company while your car’s insured with another, you’ll likely have a deductible for each policy.

Now, say you’ve insured both your home and car with one company. You only have one deductible for a claim involving both your home and auto. So if you ever back into the fence with your car — you’d only need to file one claim and pay one deductible to get both the car and the fence repaired.

Bundle home and auto insurance

Let’s Get Started!

Get a comparison auto insurance quote online. We’ll compare rates insurance with our carriers in minutes .

When should I bundle policies?

The vast majority of mortgage lenders require home insurance. So if you’re buying a new home or moving in with someone — start with your car insurance company and see if they also offer homeowners coverage. If so, they may offer a bundling discount. The added bonus here is, you’re already familiar with your insurer. Plus, the more policies you bundle with one insurer, the more savings you’re likely to see. Car, home, motorcycle … you name it.

How do I switch insurance companies if my home and/or auto policy is with another company?

You can start the process of switching companies before your current policy expires. But before you shop around, figure out your coverage needs first. Maybe you’ll want comprehensive and collision coverage on that auto policy. If you’re leasing a car, you might also need gap coverage. If you’re shopping for homeowners insurance, it’s important to know what it does and doesn’t cover. For instance, flood insurance is not generally included in homeowners insurance policies. So if you’re in a flood-risk area, you’ll need to buy flood insurance separately. Then, compare home and auto insurance quotes apples to apples.

If you decide to switch companies, wait until your new home or auto policy is active before terminating your old one. That way, you avoid a lapse in coverage.

What if I want to cancel my homeowners or car insurance?

Canceling either policy is easy-peasy with IronPoint. Doing so, however, means your Multi-Policy discount will fall off. Make sure to speak with your insurer before canceling to get a good understanding of whether or not it’s worth it.

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