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We didn’t get so good at motorcycle insurance by selling just the basics. In fact, one of our carrier partners is #1 motorcycle insurance company because they always go the extra mile. Just like you, we’re passionate about riding and our bikes, so we dig deeper to to find you a wide range of coverages. Plus, our carriers offer competitive rates with plenty of ways to save. Start a free quote, buy a motorcycle policy with us, and see why so many riders choose to insure with IronPoint.

If it’s legal, it’s probably insurable

If you think it’s cool to ride, we’ll likely think it’s cool to insure. But if you’re not sure, here are some of the common bikes we insure:
ATV Insurance

ATV’s & UTV’s

Off-roading vehicles that usually have four wheels, but the can have up to eight.
Cruiser Insurance


The most common type of motorcycle we insured. Normally these bikes have a V-twin, full-view engine.
custom bike insurance

Custom Bikes

Motorcycles custom-built by a manufacturer, shop or the owner.

Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike Insurance
Lightweight motorcyles with rugged tires and enhanced suspension.
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Scooter Insurance

Scooters & Mopeds

Small, lightweight vehilces powered by pedals or a small low horsepower motor.
Sport Motorcycle Insurance

Sport Bikes

High-performance motorcycles built for speed and handling, this would include “Naked” bikes.
Touring Motorcycle Insurance

Touring Bikes

Motorcycles built for comfort and long distance riding.
Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

Vintage Bikes

“Classic” or collectible motorcycles that are 25-years or older.
motorcycle insurance discounts



Did you bundle your motorcycle insurance with your car, home, RV or boat? With many of our carriers you can save big when you bundle insurance policies.

Responsible Rider?

Some carries will reward you with additional savings if you haven’t had an accident or any violations in the prior three years. Is that you?

Make your payments timely

This may be the easies way to save, but some carriers will give you a discount if you simply pay your bill on-time. Setup electronic payments and you may be able to save even more.


If you own a home, condo or mobile home, you may qualify for additional savings – even if not insured by the same carrier. That’s great!


Full replacement cost for parts

When you have a covered accident, you want your bike returned to pre-accident condition. With this coverage, you can get just that.

Example: When you have an accident your rear tire is 2-years old with at least 5,000 miles. If depreciated, that tire may be worth only $50, but you need $300 to replace it. With this coverage you can get the new tire, not the depreciated value.

New bike total loss coverage

This is an optional coverage offered by some of our insurance carriers. If available, then when your bike is totaled in a covered accident and is no more than one model year old on a new policy, and two model years old during a renewal when the bike is declared a total loss. Then you may be entitled to the full MSRP for a new motorcycle, minus your deductible of course.

Example: You buy a motorcycle for $15,000 and a year later you have a covered accident where the bike it totaled. The value at the time of total is only $10,000. If you have this coverage the insurance carrier may pay to replace it with the latest model—even if that costs more than your original purchase price. When the coverage expires, after the first renewal, then you get the cash value payout.

Gear & Personal Belongings

Do you carry a lot of gear and personal belongings when you ride? Well, you can add coverage for just about anything you carry on your motorcycle. Coverage that can protect you if damaged or stolen. Even that fancy new phone you just bought!.

Example: Your iPhone, set into a nice RAM Mount, is damaged when your drop your bike in the driveway. Yep, you may have coverage for that, less your deducitlbe of course.

Get specialized motorcycle coverages for the way you ride and your unique bike

There are plenty of ways you can protect your motorcyle and it’s rider when you customize your protection. Here are a few of the many coverages offered by our carrier partners.

motorcycle insurance coverage

How to save on motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are a few ways to start saving.

Compare Quotes

Motorcycle insurance rates can vary alot between insurance companies. Make sure you compare rates. We shop the market for you to get the best rate possible.

Get the right discounts

There are many discounts available, are you getting all you’re entitled too? The good news is many are also easy to qualify for, so ask about all the discounts.

Bundle your policies

When you bundle you save. It’s called the Multi-Policy discount. Bundle multiple insurance policies (like home & car or motorcycle), and you could save … BIG time.

We even make managing your
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Get policy status, request copies of your documents, print ID cards … it’s the whole paperless thing. Find your ID cards and take care of biz online. Now you’re the boss.

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Make your policy mobile. Do most of you can do online, but also have a direct communication link with your agent. Just a few taps on your smartphone.

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Got questions about motorcycle insurance?
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Why do I need motorcycle insurance?

Well, it’s the law almost everywhere. In fact, 47 out of 50 states require riders to have motorcycle insurance. Plus, to register your bike, you will need to show proof of insurance.

As for insurance coverages, requirements differ across states. Most states require AT LEAST bodily injury and property damage coverage. Find out more about state-specific motorcycle insurance requirements.

How much will motorcycle insurance cost?

Motorcycle rates vary depending on which coverages you choose and many other factors. The make, model, and year of your bike could also determine how much you pay.

At Esurance, we believe insurance should be affordable. For everyone. That’s why we offer a wide range of discounts and competitive rates.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Motorcycle coverage from Esurance protects most bikes, including street bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, standard motorcycles, scooters, touring motorcycles, dirt bikes, trikes, classics, and other 2-wheeled rides.

Motorcycle policies come in all shapes and sizes, too. So whether you’ve got a Harley-Davidson or a Vespa, Esurance can help you find the right policy. Most riders are required to have at least bodily injury and property damage coverage. You can, however, choose to round out your policy for better protection.

What makes motorcycles so easy to steal?

Compared to cars, motorcycles don’t have anti-theft technology which gives thieves easier access to cracking their locks. Many models also have remote-starting devices (now banned in some states, including California) that let bike-jackers turn on the ignition without even bothering with a lock.

Thieves also tend to be attracted to motorcycles because they offer both a thrill factor and profit from the sale of whole bikes or stripped parts. Many motorcyclists also add aftermarket enhancements to their rides, making them that much more valuable to thieves.

Comprehensive coverage can help pay to replace your motorcycle if it’s stolen and help keep theft from wreaking havoc on your wallet.

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