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Just live you, we are classic car lovers too. That’s why we partnered with Hagerty® and our other carrier partners, these are some of the best classic car insurance programs allowing you can take your car out without any fixed mileage restrictions. Whether you’re headed to a car show or just out for a weekend drive. Get a quote for classic car insurance now and get covered.

Classic car coverage is less expensive than regular auto insurance

Classic car insurance isn’t just any old car insurance. Just like your classic car isn’t just your average daily driver. A classic car policy is a much different policy that’s designed specifically for classic cars just like yours. It will include more specialized coverages. If done right, a classic or collector car insurance policy will actually costs less than your typical auto insurance policy.

Is your car a classic?

Need Classic Car Insurance

What characteristics make my car a classic?

This is one of those, “you know it when you see it” responses. But it true. That said, each carrier will define a classic car differently, but we like Hagarty’s definition the best. It’s a classic because it’s “fun to drive,” used for pleasure and maintains or appreciates in value. Here are a few “classic” examples:

  • 1965 Ford Mustang
  • 1975 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 1980 Chevrolet Corvette

If you’re car isn’t yet a classic, you can still insure it on a traditional auto insurance policy. Start a comparison quote online.

There are discounts on classic car policies

When you quote classic car insurance with Hagerty or any of our insurance partners offering collector car insurance, you can get a discount for adding two or more classic cars to your policy. With Hagarty, you can also join their Hagerty Drivers Club, where you can get discounts for parts, track events, driving schools, and much more through the Hagarty partners. If you wnat to know more about the Hagarty Drivers Club or any of our partners, you speak with an insurance agent today.

What are the features of the classic car policy?

With our partner Hagerty and our other insurance carriers, you can enjoy more protection for your classic ride and the way you want to cruise. Just get a classic car quote today and gain the peace of mind. Here are a few features that comes with these types of specialized policies.

Guaranteed Value Coverage

If you do have a covered total loss, you’ll get every single cent of your car’s insured value.†(See Disclosure) No depreciation. No messing around. No hassle. When you get your collector car insurance quote, just provide your classic’s value, and then Hagerty will agree with you on a total payout number.

Original Replacement Parts

If you have a claim, Hagerty offers stock original replacement parts when possible, and has specialists on hand to hunt down any rare or hard-to-find ones. And yes, original replacement parts coverage is automatically included at no extra cost with your classic or vintage car insurance policy.

Flexible Coverage

The best collector car insurance lets you enjoy your ride the way you want. That’s why with Progressive Classic Car insurance by Hagerty, you have the freedom to take your ride to collector vehicle club functions, exhibitions, tours, and even occasional pleasure driving.

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Got classic car policy questions?

How old does a car have to be before it’s considered classic?

Thy typical classic car is over 25 years old. However, there really is no defined age that makes a car a classic. However, some states have specific requirements for defining a vehicle as a classic, that typically consider a vehicles age, weight, use, or build characteristics.

Are there rules on how I store my classic car?

To qualify of classic car coverage, you should have adaquate storage facilities for your vehicle. Your private garage is typically sufficient. In fact, any enclosed structure or storage unit is preferred. If you have to store you vehicle in a carport, on your driveway it may be deemed as unacceptable.

How often can I use my classic car?

Your classic car cannot be your daily driver. A classic car should only be for occasional use. Acceptable uses for your classic car are considered pleasure driving, exhibitions, and driving tours.

Does my driving record impact my classic car policy premium?

Yes. In many states, you may not qualify for classic auto insurance if you’ve had excessive speeding violations, reckless driving, and other serious infractions in the last three years.

Do I have to have another car insured to get a classic policy?

No, you will not need to have other insurance with IronPoint or you classic car insurance carrier. However, you will need to properly maintain an insurance policy on your daily driving vehicle under your state’s financial responsibility laws. This type of insurance woudl be purchased in addition to your classic car insurance policy.

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