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Wedding insurance or insurance for special events like a charity run & more

Whether it’s for your big wedding day or a charity 5k run, Event Helper will make sure you can enjoy your event without worry. With our Wedding and Event Insurance by Travelers Insurance, you’re protected when the unexpected happens — with the right protection you can relax, have fun, and simply enjoy your big day. Wedding plans even come with cancellation coverage, providing additional safeguards for your investment in the even of a need to cancel or even postpone.

What is special event insurance?

Special event insurance provides needed protection from financial loss for a specific occasion, such as a wedding or charity run. When you purchase event or wedding insurance, there are two types of coverage you can purchase:

  • Liability: This is the most common, and frequently necessary to secure your event location, for or event insurance. Liability insurance protects the event holder and the venue in if there are claims resulting from property damage or injuries that occur during the event.
  • Core Coverages: When you purchase a wedding insurance policy, you will get a certain set of core coverages, like Cancellation or Postponement, as well as various coverages to repair or replace photos, videos, gifts or attire.

Do I need insurance for my event?

When you’re booking a wedding, most venues will require you to provide general liability insurance for your wedding event. This coverage will protect you and the venue in case someone gets hurt or the property or facilities are damaged. In fact, you may need to show evidence of insurance to secure your date. Wedding insurance isn’t a bad idea even if not required by your venue. You could be at financial risk if you don’t have liability protection. For instance, if a wedding guest leaves the doesn’t properly plug a drink cooler, and water leaks on to the hardwood floors for hours, you could be responsible for a sizable repair bill — maybe has high as $10,000 or more.

There is good news, however, you can easily get the coverage you need to protect your wedding and your pocket book.

Not sure if you can insure your specific event? We have event programs for weddings and many other types of events like, birthday parties, festivals, meetings, and more. Quote event insurance now so you can relax the day of your next event or wedding.

What does event & wedding insurance cover?

wedding insurance
Wedding and Event Coverages

Event Liability Insurance

Wedding Cancellation

Special Coverage

How much does event insurance cost?

It may surprise you, but insuring your wedding or special event can be extremely affordable. The exact cost of your event insurance policy will vary based on the number of people attending, the length of the event, as well as the coverages you buy.

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