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Life Insurance

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Buying life insurance isn’t something you just do, it requires thought and consulation. Do you know how much life insurance you need? What will your loved ones require when you’re gone?

You need to understand the type of life insurance that is best for your unique situation and that meets your needs and budget. Maybe just as important, you want to make sure you select an insurance company you can trust.

We can help you find competitive rates by comparing life insurance quotes online. This will allow you the ability to locate the best rates and quality coverage you can count on. If you need help, were always a phone call away (877) 334-7646.

What can life insurance help you cover?

Should the unfortunate happen, and you pass away, the beneficiary on your life policy can receive the death benefit in single payment. These funds can be used by the beneficiary, your loved ones, for many different things.

Life Insurance

What can you use life benefits for?

Pay off the mortgage

Wether it’s making the payments or a payoff, life insurance benefits can help your loved ones to pay the mortgage on the family home — if you were the breadwinner, then this may be one of the more essential benefits of a life policy.

Fund a College Education

When determining the amount of life benefits that will be necessary, the current or future educational needs of your children should be a primary consideration. You’ll want to buy a policy with sufficent benefits to cover tuition or other educational costs.

End-of-life expenses

There are signifiant costs incurred at the end of life, your life benefits can help with these financial burdens. Weather it’s a Final Expense policy or part of the benefit you select in a term life policy, end-of-life expenses can be covered.

Regular monthly expenses

Another way life insurance benefits help your loved ones is with the monthly expenses. Life insurance benefits can be used toward the regulary monthly expenses associated with running your household.

Which life insurance policy is right for me?

You may be wondering which policy is right for you. Well, in terms of coverage, it is recommended that your have a policy that matches 10 to 15 times your annual income. This, of course, is going to be driven by what you can afford. That being said, if the choice is between term or permanent life policy, this these simple rules may be helpful.

  • Considering a 10-year term? This might be the right choice if you are looking to supplement another policy, are relatively close to retirement, or your family nestegg is not quite where you want it. If this is you, and are looking to provide your family some extra protection, a 10-year term might be the solution.
  • Considering a 20-year term? This term is good for those who have recently started a family, or plan to. A longer term like this can help provide financial security for your children as they head into college, and maybe a bit futher.
  • Considering a 30-year term? This might be your option if you have have children, or a child with special needs who will rely on your care well into adulthood. Also, if you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, especially if you are the primary breadwinner. If these or circumstancs like these apply to your, then this may be the right option for you.

It’s important to note, the more coverage you buy the more expensive a policy is, so keep in mind that a permanent life policy will cost more than a term life policy. Additionally, the longer a term life policy lasts, the more it will cost. What to learn more aobut how much life insurance costs?

Compare life insurance rates instantly

Life insurance premiums are more affordable than the average person thinks. In fact, depending on your coverage and condition, you could get a policy starting with low monthly payments. We work with highly rated life insurance companies to help get you competitive rates as well as easy to understand and simplified life insurance options. Some may even allow purchase without the need for an exam.

If yo want to get started, we make it easy to instantly compare life insurance policy options and estimated premiums from several leading life insurance companies online. Some of these policies even qualifry for a quick and easy approval. You can select coverage options beginning at $5,000 and go all the way up to $1 million … and maybe higher. Getting started early is best as younger, healthy people generally get better rates.

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Got questions about life insurance?
Look no further.

What’s the difference between term and permanent life?
Term life and permanent life are the two main types of life policies. Both offer a tax-free death benefit to your beneficiary/beneficiaries if you pass away. Term life insurance provides coverage for a set period of time and is often the lowest priced coverage option. A permanent life policy provides the security of lifelong protection and can also build cash value over time.
What is universal life?
A universal life insurance policy offers flexible protection that can last your lifetime and includes various cash accumulation options.
What is whole life?
A whole life insurance policy offers predictable lifelong protection with the most guarantees, including a fixed premium and death benefit.
How can life insurance protect my family?
Life insurance can help protect your family members when they suffer the loss of a breadwinner or stay-at-home parent. Life insurance allows a family to help maintain its standard of living by providing income-tax-free money to help pay for funeral expenses, pay off the mortgage, set aside college tuition for the kids and help provide financial peace of mind after the loss of a loved one.
Can a life policy be affordable on a tight budget?
It certainly can. The misconception about the price of life insurance is the main reason many people opt-out. Consumers think life insurance costs nearly three times the actual price, according to a report by the nonprofit Life Happens. Premiums depend on many factors, including your age and health, so it’s advised to look into life insurance now rather than waiting until you are older.
Can I make changes to my policy after it issues?

It depends on the type of life insurance policy that you have. Call 877-334-7646 to determine the right type of life insurance policy for your needs.

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