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You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your home, your grown-up toys, your retirement fun — none came easy. That’s why it makes sense to protect your lifestyle with more than just personal car and homeowners insurance.

That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. Umbrella insurance is what’s known in the industry as a secondary liability policy. That basically means it’s a simple way to ensure that, if there’s an accident involving your car, home, or other property and the damage maxes out your car or homeowners insurance limits, you still have all the protection you need.

Personal umbrella coverage through our partner, RLI, gives you a safety net in case your primary policies are stretched to their limits.

Get a free umbrella insurance quote today! It could help you protect all your assets. Not to mention your rainy-day fund.

Why you need umbrella coverage

As your assets increase, so does your exposure to loss. Umbrella insurance typically provides liability coverage above and beyond that of standard home and car insurance policies, allowing you to rest easy, knowing you’re well protected if worse ever comes to worst.

Imagine that you decide to take a relaxed Sunday spin around the neighborhood and, after swerving to avoid a squirrel, end up crashing your brand-new car into your neighbor’s recently remodeled home, demolishing their lovingly cared-for vintage British roadster in the process.

The repair bills quickly mount into the hundreds of thousands, easily surpassing the limits on your car and homeowners insurance policies. You’re being sued to cover the damages, leaving you with thousands more in bills you’ll have to pay out of pocket — unless you have the right umbrella coverage.

What umbrella insurance covers

If you’re sued and found to be at fault, your umbrella coverage will take care of certain damages that exceed the limits on your car or home insurance, or other applicable policies.

Personal umbrella insurance through a trusted Esurance partner can provide:

  • Up to $5 million in liability coverage for qualified applicants
  • Excess coverage for liability claims that have already exhausted renters or homeowners coverage limits
  • Personal liability and personal auto protection
  • Liability coverage for non-owned watercraft and other recreational vehicles
  • Worldwide liability coverage for lawsuits filed in the U.S., including its territories and possessions, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

A typical policy can also cover:

  • Up to 8 drivers
  • Up to 10 vehicles
  • 3 watercraft (under 45′ long and capable of less than 50 mph)
  • An additional 3 personal watercraft (think Jet Skis, etc)
  • Up to 10 property locations

Umbrella insurance requirements

There are a few things we consider when you apply for a personal umbrella insurance policy through our partner. To be considered for coverage, you must have the following:

  • A homeowners insurance policy with at least $300,000 of personal liability coverage or tenant coverage (depending on your state)
  • An Esurance car insurance policy with limits of $250,000/$500,000 for bodily injury coverage, $50,000 for property damage coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

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