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home insurance coverage

Home Insurance Coverage

Understanding home insurance coverage

If you’re trying to better understand your home insurance, you probably have a lot of questions that start with, “what is.” We can help you better understand your home insurance coverage, give us a call and test us.

If you want to learn this on your own, we have provided you a glossary of home insurance coverages that you should become familiar with. You can also review our  home insurance FAQ’s to further your understanding.

Dwelling Coverage

Covers damage to your house and attachments

Other Structures

Covers structures not permanently attached to your house

Personal Property

Covers your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged

Jewelry, art, memorabilia, computers, and other expensive items: Certain limits may apply to your more expensive items, but don’t worry, you can get additional coverage for jewelry and other expensive items. Just complete your quote, and we’ll guide you through adding the right coverage as you’re buying. Plus, we have licensed home insurance agents available to help.

Loss of Use

Covers temporary living expenses

Personal Liability

Covers lawsuits against you

Medical Payments

Covers injuries on your property

Optional home insurance coverage

This coverage includes protection for medical expenses for persons accidentally injured while on your property. You do not need to be at fault to have coverage under Medical Payments. This coverage is not for you or for family members who live with you.

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage – As long as you have met the requirements of
    your policy, this coverage will pay for the cost to rebuild your home.
  • Extended Replacement Cost Coverage – insures your home for a specific amount. This coverage may come with a 20% – 25% factor for cost overrun.
  • Inflation Guard – Increases the amount of your homeowners insurance to keep up with inflation. This provides that you are less likely to be underinsured when you have to file a claim.
  • Scheduled Personal Property – This coverage allows you to protect certain types of property (e.g. jewelry, furs, and firearms) that frequently have capped limits in the home insurance policy. Scheduled personal property often has broader coverage than that which is contained in the standard homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Secondary Residence – Provides coverage for a second home such as a summer vacation property.
  • Theft Coverage Protection – This coverage broadens the theft coverage that is included in the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. This coverage may provide protection for losses to personal property in your personal auto, watercraft, boat or trailer.
  • Credit Card, Forgery, and Depositor’s Coverage – With this coverage you can get protection against loss, theft, or unauthorized use of credit cars. It may also provide coverage for forgery.

With this list you have a beginners understanding of the home insurance coverage offered by your typical homeowner’s insurance policy. You many want to better understand auto insurance coverage too, as you’re likely going to need both types of policies.

If you want to know more about the available home insurance coverage, or want a home insurance quote, give us a call or complete the form below and an IronPoint Insurance agent will contact you and begin the process.

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