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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual has been providing business and personal insurance protection in the United States for over 100-Years.

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Why Liberty?

  • You can connect with Liberty through a variety of channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin – even Instagram!
  • They have more than 400 local offices across the United States.

  • They offer multiple graduate programs and internships to help train the next generation of insurance nerds.

Did You Know?

  • Liberty Mutual has donated over $18 million (employee and corporate match) to charity.
  • They are an official partner of the US Soccer Federation, the governing body for soccer in the USA.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance is a primary sponsor of Team USA, including for the 2014 and 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.

About Liberty Mutual Insurance

On July 1st, 1912, The Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association opened its doors. They offered customers workers’ compensation, expanding to auto insurance in 1914. By 1917, they changed their name to Liberty Mutual Insurance, and the rest is history. Over their 100 years in business, they have grown to be one of the US’ leading insurers. They are a mutual company, which means that every policyholder is a shareholder – so they really do work for you.

Through insurance agents, Liberty Mutual sells its personal lines through the Safeco brand. Liberty Mutual sells business insurance through independent insurance agents, like IronPoint.

If you ever need to make a claim, Liberty Mutual has a free 24/7 phone line to report your claim. If you’re more tech-savvy, you can submit your claim online or through their free app. Then you can track your claim, update your information, see the latest information, and communicate with your claims adjuster. For ultimate ease, you can opt to receive text alerts about your claim, including changes to your payment status.

How customers feel about Liberty Mutual


How likely people are to renew their policy with Liberty Mutual.


How likely people are to recommend Liberty Mutual.


How customers rated their claims experience.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews:


3.96 / 





Liberty Mutual Insurance seems to make fans of its customers. They have a good score with Clearsurance, a consumer rating site, and the Better Business Bureau. Many customer’s reviews on other sites back up such a high ranking.

Liberty’s employees give the company good marks as well. Their, scores on Glassdoor are a respectable 3.9 out of 5.

Whether it’s their Safeco brand or Liberty Mutual, the company has a solid reputation. This is why Liberty Mutual consistently remains as one of the leading insurers in the United States.

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What does Liberty Mutual offer?

Liberty Mutual Insurance isn’t just for business insurance. They sell personal insurance like cars, homes, and condos through Safeco and direct to the consumer. However, they are one of the largest business insurance companies.  Below are some of the products that we sell on behalf of Liberty.

How much does Liberty Mutual cost?

When you see positive reviews from Liberty Mutual customer service and claims processing, you start to wonder: Is Liberty Mutual expensive insurance?

Not really! Sure, customers are generally satisfied with Liberty because they offer affordable business insurance, and have excellent coverage and service. You’ll have a lot of questions before you buy business insurance, so let’s help you understand what drives the cost:

  • Business industry. Certain industries have higher risks than others. So, you may find your insurance rates reflect that increased risk. For example, construction companies will likely pay more for business insurance coverage than accounting firms.
  • Company payroll: Costs for certain types of insurance coverage can depend on your business’s payroll. Workers’ compensation, for example, uses payroll as a factor for the premium amount.
  • The number of employees. Certain types of business insurance can use the number of your employees as a factor for insurance cost, like general liability insurance.
  • The type of coverage you choose. The amount of coverage you select has an impact on your premium. For example, a small business policy with a $1 million/$2 million aggregate, will generally cost more than a policy with a $1 million/$1 million aggregate.
  • Your location. Your state of residence can have a huge impact on your car insurance bill, whether you live in a pricey state like Louisiana or Michigan or one where insurance is cheap, like Maine or North Dakota.
  • Claims history. A business with a clean claims history demonstrates safety and experience. This can result in a lower insurance cost.

To best understand the cost of business insurance, you should compare business insurance quotes with an insurance agent.

How do I buy Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Liberty Mutual Insurance, at least its business insurance, is typically offered through independent insurance agents. In fact, IronPoint Insurance Services, LLC is an independent agent that represents Liberty. For personal insurance, you can buy a policy directly from the carrier, online, or on the phone. They also offer quotes from some comparison quote sites, like, The Zebra, and

If you want to know if Liberty Mutual or Safeco is right for you, you can contact us, or get an insurance quote online: