Home Insurance review, protecting against gaps in coverage

A Home Insurance Review is Protection From Coverage Gaps There is no time like the present to do a home insurance review. Honestly, it’s a great way to make sure you’re family’s belongings are protected. You’re likely asking, why do I need to check-in with my insurance agent for an annual review? Check out the benefits of an annual home insurance review. If you’re like so many homeowners, you...

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Should I buy home insurance?

Should I Buy Home Insurance, Do I Really Need It? Should you buy home insurance may seem like a valid question. If you haven’t had a home insurance claim, you may be asking yourself, “is home insurance really necessary? And, “what is the real value of homeowner’s insurance?” When you’re making your monthly home insurance premiums it may be difficult to see the real value of home insurance,...

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My Recommendation, Get an Insurance Agent

My Recommendation, Get an Insurance Agent I was recently cruising the web, reading various blogs from financial planners and wealth management gurus, and I came upon an article about insurance agents. No, really, someone other than an insurance agent had actually written something beneficial about insurance agents. Really. Not kidding. The central point of the article was, when it comes to buying...

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Should I Shop Car Insurance?

Should I Shop Car Insurance This Year? Shop car insurance regularly to review coverage and compare savings. Roughly 72% of us renew with our car insurance company each year. But many of us could be saving hundreds of dollars if we shop for car insurance. Really!  Hundreds of dollars if you shop car insurance. Check it out and you decide to shop car insurance today, roughly 60% or more of us could...

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Proposition 103 Actually Hurt California Auto Insurance Regulations and the Market

Proposition 103 Actually Hurt California Auto Insurance Regulations and the Market Proposition 103 was intended to help the California auto insurance regulations, but it actually hurt the market In 1988 California voters passed Proposition 103 by a vote of 51.1% to 48.9%. Proposition 103 is basically a populist movement lead by Harvey Rosenfield and endorsed by Ralph Nader in response to rising...

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How to Choose a Good Insurance Agent, 5 Tips for Success

The Ten Myths about Insurance People Believe Selecting an insurance agent should not be difficult, if you’re not sure, use these 5-tips to learn how to choose an insurance agent. Despite all the hub-bub over buying insurance direct through the internet, purchasing auto insurance, home insurance and business insurance is still conducted through insurance agents for over 80% of all transactions....

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Shopping for Auto Insurance? Who you gonna choose?

Shopping for Auto Insurance, Start With an Indpendent Insurance Agent Here are 10 great reasons to choose an independent insurance agent when shopping for auto insurance. So, you’re ready to start shopping for auto insurance, business insurance or home insurance, you do have choices. You can select a captive insurance agent (an agent who represents only one insurance group), or an independent...

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What’s up with auto insurance advertising, and why is it hurting your choices?

The Ten Myths about Insurance People Believe With more auto insurance advertising money spent, it appears consumer now have fewer choices Hey, let’s face it, there’s a ton of auto insurance advertising and it’s mind-boggling when you consider how much money is circulating out there to get out the message. GEICO will spend over $1B to influence you to buy their auto insurance, and Allstate (including...

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Do You Love Your California Insurance Company?

Do You Really Love Your Insurance Company? You’ve got to really love your insurance company For those of us lucky enough to find that special someone, a partner who will stick by our side through thick-and-thin, take care of us when we aren’t well – you know – someone we can brag about to our friends…well you’ve got something special. Does your insurance company...

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Save Money on Auto Insurance but Don’t Sacrifice Coverage

Save Money on Auto Insurance but Don’t Sacrifice Coverage Cutting coverage isn’t the way to save money on auto insurance. In our eBook, Building Wealth, we discuss budgeting and setting spending limits. Always a challenge for the best of us. Looking to save money on auto insurance is a good fit for your budgeting and spending exercise. In Building Wealth we talk about the importance of budgeting...

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