Home Insurance Explained

What is a Property Deductible?

What is a Property Deductible? When you buy insurance the deductible is the portion of a loss that you will pay. So, when you purchase renters or home insurance, your property deductible is that portion of a claim that you pay to help repair your home or replace damaged or stolen property. For example, if […]

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost? If you need to buy renters insurance, then you’re looking for answers to the question, how much does renters insurance cost? Generally speaking, renters insurance is relatively inexpensive when compared to home insurance. In fact, you can even get a discount if you bundle renters insurance with your auto […]

What is Renters Insurance?

What is Renters Insurance and Do I Need It? You just rented a new home and your landlord is asking for a copy of your renters insurance policy. You tell them, “no problem.” Then it dawns on you, what is renters insurance anyway? Does it protect me or my landlord? If it protects me, then […]

How to Change Your Home Insurance

Learn How to Change Your Homeowners Insurance There are several reason why you would want to change your home insurance. Maybe you’re frustrated with your agent or insurance company, bad claims experience, or the rate increased too high. If you find yourself considering a change in homeowners insurance, the good news is that isn’t as […]

What is a Declarations Page?

What is the Insurance Declarations Page? The insurance declarations page is an important part of your home or auto insurance policy.  It has most of the vital information about your policy. It tells you who’s covered and the coverages you pay a premium for. When you buy a new insurance policy, or your current policy […]

What are perils and hazards?

What are the Perils and Hazards in Home Insurance? We insurance nerds deal in perils and hazards on a daily basis. But to the average consumer, perils and hazards may be foreign or abstract terms. What are they referring too? Well, a “peril” is an event or circumstance that results in property damage. Your homeowners insurance, […]

What is Condo Insurance?

What is Condo Insurance? If you own a condo, just like a single family home, you need insurance. It’s not homeowners insurance, rather it’s condo insurance  – sometimes referred to as an “HO6” policy. But what is condo insurance and what makes it different from homeowners? Like your home insurance, condo insurance can cover liability claims, […]

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage? The obvious answer to this question should be a simple yes, but it actually “depends.” The way your home insurance policy protects you from water damage is complicated and depends on the situation and source of the water. Under the average home policy, if the damage caused by water […]

Flood Insurance Basics

Understanding the Basics of a Flood Insurance Policy Your home insurance policy doesn’t cover water damage when it’s caused by a flood. In fact, it will likely have a specific exclusion for this type of damage. This means,  if you live in a designated flood zone, you’ll want to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. […]

How to Get Cheaper Home Insurance

Tips to Get the Cheapest Home Insurance Premium For most of us our home is one of the most significant investments we’ll make. For this reason alone, homeowners insurance is one of the most important insurance policies we’ll buy. While it is important, you don’t necessarily need to pay extremely high premiums for an excellent […]

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