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5 Pet Tips For The Fourth Of July

Five Safety and Security Pet Tips For The Fourth Of July With more cities banning local fireworks, the booms and bangs of the Fourth of July celebration have become less of an issue for your pets. However, the local fireworks have been replaced with large municipal fireworks shows, with even larger explosions. If your home […]

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Do I Need Boat Insurance? If you’re thinking of buying a new boat and you want to get a full assessment of your costs, it’s natural to ask, “do I need boat insurance?” The answer is actually, it depends. If you live in one of the few states that require it, the the answer is […]

How Much is Boat Insurance?

How Much is Boat Insurance? You’re thinking about buying a boat but your need to know all the costs. You’ve heard your friends fun with you, and tell you the two best days for a boat owner are they days he buys his boat, and the day he sells it. So you have some concerns. […]

What is RV Insurance?

What is RV Insurance? You recently purchased an RV or travel trailer and you’ll need RV insurance. But you have questions, First is, what is RV insurance? What makes it different from your auto insurance? Well, like your car insurance, RV insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company to protect your motorhome, […]

Make Life Insurance Your First Purchase

Why You Should Make Life Insurance Your First Purchase I remember getting my first real job. Having a steady, good paying job, made me feel grown up. I wasted no time running out to buy a new car. My old bucket just wasn’t going to do it for me any longer. But that wasn’t the […]

What’s Your Dog’s Age In Human Years?

Just How Old is Your Dog in Human Years? Even if only playfully, everyone has at one time or another wondered – how old is my dog in human years. In fact, we’ve all heard the popular expression “one human year is equivalent to seven dog years.” And we frequently use this method to determine […]

Buying a Used Car? Is Age or Miles More Important?

Buying a Used Car: Is Miles or Age More Important? Thinking of buying a used car?  That can be a frightening experience and a bit of a gamble. Why did the previous owner get rid of the car, and what did they do with it? If the prior owner simply traded up because they wanted […]

The History of Memorial Day

The History of Memorial Day The importance of Memorial Day isn’t lost on the average American, we all understand what we’re memorializing. However, given that only 10% of us have served, for many it’s an intellectual understanding. Memorial Day’s deeper meaning can be diluted by all the barbeques, family gatherings, and parties. The history of […]

Hot Car Safety Tips

Hot Car Safety Tips Memorial day is just around the corner, so that means summer has arrived. With summer comes vacation plans, travel and road trips. This is officially the time when Americas get on the go. It’s also the time of year where the temperature begin to rise, so as we get ready to […]

Car Insurance For College Students

Car Insurance for the College Student Explained Today, the new college student (or their parents) is beset by so many stressors when considering college. The competition is fierce to get into college, let alone one of the top-tier universities. Along with all the matriculation stressors, the stark reality is that getting accepted comes with significant […]

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