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Insurance is your Financial FoundationInsurance if foundation to financial plan

Looking for insurance in California, confused by all the choices, unsure if you’re getting the right rate, the right protection or the right price?

You’re not alone.

Whether in California or Nebraska, your insurance needs can sometimes be a bit challenging to understand. But the thing that remains constant, no matter where you are, is that insurance plays a vital role in your financial plan.

Insurance protection is, in fact, the foundation of your financial plan.

The best plans have a good foundation

You invest a lot of time and money in developing your wealth, buying a home, planning for your children’s education, and ultimately your legacy. Too often we pay attention to our budgets, our financial records, and our goals, but we neglect our insurance.

Too often insurance is purchased as part of your commitment to protect an auto loan or mortgage, but little attention is paid to the real value of the insurance protection that is being secured.

We focus on the price of the insurance, rather than the protection, then we get upset when we discover that the insurance we purchased fell short of our expectations.

This don’t need to be the case, insurance can be both affordable and provide excellent protection.

Make the right choices, get an insurance agent

We are independent insurance agents, and specialists in the California insurance market. We have the freedom to shop your insurance with many insurance companies to get you the best value for your California insurance dollar. Our insurance carrier partners, like Mercury Insurance Company or Travelers Insurance, are some of the most highly rated insurance companies in the state.

This should give you the confidence that you will not only get a great value, but your California insurance company is financially stable, and available when you need them.

You see IronPoint Insurance Services, Mercury Insurance Company, Travelers Insurance and our many other insurance company partners understand their responsibility toward protecting your assets, protecting your family. We are professionals, here to make you life easier, and to know what you don’t about the types of protection that are available in the market.

So, how does all this work?

You provided us your insurance information, and using our software, we can shop with our many California auto insurance companies to find the right match for you based on your risk profile, budgetary needs, and risk. It’s really that simple.

And we don’t charge any fees for our services.

Why do I need this, I understand insurance

The average consumer doesn’t always know which insurance products they need to purchase to properly cover their property, or personal, professional or business liability. Even auto insurance, which seem so straight forward, can be complicated. You see, insurance policies are legal documents, they are written in a very precise way so that they are clear about what they cover, what is excluded, set forth the conditions and responsibilities of the insured. It may not always be so clear that a loss is covered if you don’t know what you purchased.

Do you already know what kind of insurance to purchase if your rent a home to a tenant? Is there just one kind of home insurance policy? Does a condo have a special insurance form? Will my home cover a small home business? And so on, and so forth…

Some times it’s just easier to turn this over to a professional insurance agent, and why wouldn’t you, it’s totally free.

But this is really about you, what kind of insurance do you need?

Here are just a few of the insurance products we offer:

Auto Insurance

If you require high-value protection to the state minimum-limits, our agents can assess your risk and help yo make the right decision on a California insurance company. We make California auto insurance easy.

Home Insurance

You may live in the Taj Mahal or a small ranch home, we can offer Private Client solutions or you basic HO3 California home insurance policy. Ask an agent which is the right choice for you. Your home insurance is different from condominium insurance, and much different that rental property insurance or renters insurance. We make sure you know which is the right choice before you buy.

Motorcycle Insurance

Weekend rides through the mountains with your best friends is great, and much better if you’ve made the right California insurance choices. If you own a car, there are some carrier that offer great rates to bundle your motorcycle and auto insurance.

Business Insurance

Owning your own business is often it’s own reward, and sure you understand risk, but when it comes to your California business insurance you need to speak with a business insurance agent. Don’t put your dreams at risk because you made the wrong choices on business insurance, don’t let what you built be lost to one mistake. Let one of our business insurance agents help you today.

There are many more options to consider, like to you need an umbrella, will you require earthquake insurance, how will yo handle additional insureds or certificate holders. Let an IronPoint Insurance agent lift you have this burden, get started today. You can complete the form below or give us a call at 877.334.7646.



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