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Tag: Personal Watercraft

How to Dock a Boat Properly

How to Dock a Boat Properly and Safely It’s summer and you’re ready to get out on the water in your new boat. But wait, you’re not fully sure how to dock your boat properly. Well, this is common. Docking a boat in a tricky situation is one of those things that can get your heart racing, and answering that question you had about needing boat insurance. Don’t worry, docking...

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Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Do I Need Boat Insurance? If you’re thinking of buying a new boat and you want to get a full assessment of your costs, it’s natural to ask, “do I need boat insurance?” The answer is actually, it depends. If you live in one of the few states that require it, then the answer is a big and absolute yes. Furthermore, if you’re financing your boat or docking in a marina,...

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How Much is Boat Insurance?

How Much is Boat Insurance? You’re thinking about buying a boat but your need to know all the costs. You’ve heard your friends fun with you, and tell you the two best days for a boat owner are they days he buys his boat, and the day he sells it. So you have some concerns. You want to do you homework. Of course you’re going to ask, “how much is boat insurance?” That...

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Boating Safety Tips to Help Your Enjoy the Season

Boating Safety Tips to Help Your Enjoy the Season According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), boat sales increased by 12% with an estimated 310,000 new powerboats sold. The increase in boating interest means there could be over 100 million people boating in the United States this season. That’s a lot of boats out fishing, cruising, or just enjoying some water sports. With...

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