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The RV Features that Really Matter Just about all RV owners have some regrets over which RV features they didn’t consider when they bought their first coach. It’s easy to get sucked in with the interior and exterior aesthetics and the creature comforts, that some of the practical features are overlooked. After a few trips, […]
How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle in the Wind Every new rider gets a jolt of adrenaline the first time they ride across a windy bridge, through a gusty canyon, or has a large truck pass in the opposite lane on a small highway. The effect of wind, especially when it’s sudden, can be unnerving. […]
How to Dock a Boat Properly and Safely It’s summer and you’re ready to get out on the water in your new boat. But wait, you’re not fully sure how to dock your boat properly. Well, this is common. Docking a boat in a tricky situation is one of those things that can get your […]
Do I Need Boat Insurance? If you’re thinking of buying a new boat and you want to get a full assessment of your costs, it’s natural to ask, “do I need boat insurance?” The answer is actually, it depends. If you live in one of the few states that require it, then the answer is […]
How Much is Boat Insurance? You’re thinking about buying a boat but your need to know all the costs. You’ve heard your friends fun with you, and tell you the two best days for a boat owner are they days he buys his boat, and the day he sells it. So you have some concerns. […]
Tips for Choosing Your First Motorcycle There is absolutely no single motorcycle that is perfect for everyone. That’s as true for veteran riders as beginners. Heck, there are so many brands, types, styles, and sizes – it’s simply difficult to choose. Honestly, it’s much easier to help you know if you need to buy motorcycle […]