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Tag: Mexico Tourism

Mexico Tourism Auto Insurance: Learn the Differences

What Makes Mexico Tourism Auto Insurance Different? The most common mistake one can make when driving into Mexico is to assume that your Mexico tourism auto insurance policy has the same coverage as your US policy. In fact, Mexico auto insurance and US auto insurance are very different. They are different because they address the laws and regulations of their issuing country or state. True, there...

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Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance?

Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance? You’re taking your first drive to Mexico and are wondering, “Do I need Mexico auto insurance?” It’s a common question. When it comes to driving in Mexico, there are several misconceptions regarding the importance of auto insurance. In fact, some believe that being caught driving without insurance is a mere infraction that comes with a fine...

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Two Important Reasons to Buy Mexico Car Insurance

Two Important Reasons to Buy Mexico Car Insurance If you’re going to drive your vehicle in Mexico, you need to buy Mexico car insurance. It’s pretty simple. This isn’t salesman talk. Let me share a little story. Many years ago, during my first year of college, a good friend and I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas for a summer of sun and fun. Part of the quest was to witness a once-in-a-lifetime...

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