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Tag: Maintenance Tips

Tips to Keep Your A/C Ready for Summer

Tips to Keep your A/C Ready for Summer Summer is the season of beaches, barbecues, pool parties, and vacations. As you prepare for the summer by brushing up on your pool safety or looking for ways to save on electricity, you also need to get that A/C ready for summer. That’s right, summer brings the heat, and with warmer temperatures comes increased dependence on our air conditioning units....

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Tips to Creating a More Energy Efficient Home

Tips to Designing an Energy Efficient Home When you buy a new home and you begin to think about furnishing and designing options, there’s a lot to consider. Chief among your considerations will be room design and setup, any architectural changes you might want to make, and certainly color changes or new trendy patterns for the walls. But your thoughts usually don’t gravitate toward creating a...

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5 Steps to Simplify a Home Renovation

Five Steps to Simplify a Home Renovation Project The dreaded home renovation, you want the result, but going through the hassle is an entirely different thing altogether. Don’t fret, you’re in pretty good company, U.S. homeowners spent $130 billion on home renovations in 2014. In fact, nearly 75% of all homeowners are expected to undertake some type of home improvement this year. So you’re not...

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