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Mexico Auto Insurance Limits

What are the minimum Mexico auto insurance limits? Get the facts, and when you’re ready, quote & buy online. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

Mexico auto insurance requirements

There are some who still don’t know if you need to buy Mexico auto insurance when driving in Mexico. Well, you do. If you’re planning to drive into Mexico, it’s important to understand the insurance regulations. Most importantly, the minimum financial liability limits.

What are minimum financial responsibility limits?

Basically, each jurisdiction sets a threshold which is the minimum amount of liability insurance a driver must carry to be compliant with the laws or regulations of the state. If you are caught driving without evidence or proof of this form of liability insurance or have an accident without the proper coverage, there can be penalties. 

In the United States, we call these financial responsibility laws, it may be called something different in Mexico or other international destinations, but the principle remains the same. It is compulsory to buy and maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance if you intend to drive a car.

Drivers in the US are used to seeing this as the combination of bodily injury and property damage limits on their declarations page. The two of these coverages combine to form your liability insurance. Moreover, in the US, they are typically sold as a “split limit” for bodily injury. A split limit means there is a limit per person injured in an accident and a limit for the total value that can be paid for any single accident. Property damage is displayed separately as a single limit value. While consumers in the US can purchase a combined limit called a Combined Single Limit (‘CSL’), it is not common.

Just like the various states in the US, Mexico also has a form of minimum financial responsibility limit.

What are the limits in Mexico?

Mexico auto insurance limits are done a bit differently in Mexico, and this applies to the determination of the minimum liability limits too.

Unlike in the US where the limit is prescribed (eg. California =$15,000/$30,000 for Bodily Injury and $5,000 for Property Damage), in Mexico the minimum is a calculation:

5,000 Days  X  Local Minimum Wage = Minimum Liability Limit

This means that the minimum is an estimated $300,000 and is sold as a combined single limit that includes both bodily injury and property damage.

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Additional qestions?

What if I don’t have the proper lability limits?

First, when you get a quote from one of our carriers, the recommended $300,000 is available. If you are driving in Mexico without the proper liability coverage and have an accident, there can be serious penalties, including jail. Read more.

What liability limit do you recommend?

It is highly recommended that you use a similar respect for the minimum limits laws in Mexico as you do in your home state. Damages imposed by courts in Mexico can now look more like those you see in the United States, and Mexico law views traffic accidents as a combination of civil and criminal law. We recommend that you absolutely need to purchase Mexico auto insurance when you drive south of the border and that you take at least the recommend $300,000 limit – if not the $500,000 maximum.

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We cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the Mexico auto insurance liability limits and the need for higher limits when purchasing Mexico Auto Insurance coverage.

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