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Mexico Auto Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the FAQs of Mexico auto insurance. When you’re ready, quote & buy online. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

Answers to frequently asked Mexico insurance questions

You want to drive into Mexico but you have questions. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions – our Mexico auto insurance FAQs if you will. Below are some of the questions we get from our loyal Mexico auto insurance customers.

These answers range from general coverage, quote & purchase, claims, and policy-related questions. Most of the answers are generic for the average insurance company, but we try to get specific where we can.

General Questions

Do I need Mexico auto insurance?
Yes, when you are driving in Mexico, you are legally required to have Mexico liability insurance coverage, and it must be provided by a Mexico company.
Does my US auto insurance cover me in Mexico?

Liability coverage from a Mexico insurer is required to drive in Mexico; therefore, your US car insurance policy cannot meet the legal requirement.

If you purchased a Limited Mexico Endorsement, your US car insurance policy might provide comprehensive or collision coverage insurance in Mexico. However, there is typically a limit to how far into Mexico you can drive.

If you’ve purchased a Limited Mexico endorsement, we recommend you contact your insurance agent to confirm your coverage.

IronPoint always recommends buying a Mexico Auto Insurance policy before driving into Mexico. The coverage is expressly tailored for a tourist driving into Mexico and provides the coverage expected by Mexican authorities. Additionally, if you have to have your car repaired in Mexico, it will have a better claims infrastructure to resolve your damages.

Do I need current US auto insurance to buy Mexico coverage?

Your vehicle must have a valid registration for Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance to provide coverage, and your Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance carrier may require you to have a current US policy. 


If you elect to be in Mexico for an extended period – for maybe 3 to 6 months. You may think that it’s a shrewd idea to cancel your US auto insurance during this time. It’s important to remember that your US policy may be required to maintain your vehicle registration. Canceling your US policy may cause your state’s department of motor vehicles to cancel your registration. If this happens, it will void your Mexico auto insurance policy.

Do I have to buy Mexico coverage in Mexico?

No. In fact, it is recommended to purchase coverage before you get to Mexico. If you purchase your policy after you arrive in Mexico, you will not be insured until you buy your policy. Moreover, this will make you non-compliant until you have purchased your policy.

Additionally, if you purchase your policy in Mexico, you may not be able to get the complimentary English version of the policy, and you may not get the phone numbers for the bilingual claims departments.

Can I trust my Mexican insurance company?

The Mexican insurance companies IronPoint works with are A-Rated with AM Best. In fact, many are actually international insurance carriers with familiar names and products sold domestically, like CHUBB, Mapfre, or AIG. Frequently, they have many years of experience in Mexico auto insurance and receive high claims satisfaction rates.

Can other people drive my car when in Mexico?

Yes, as long as the registered owner is listed as the named insured and the driver has a valid non-Mexican driver’s license. It is a good idea for the person driving to have written permission to drive the vehicle.

Your Mexico auto insurance policy will NOT cover any driver with a Mexican driver’s license.

What if the driver doesn’t have a license?

A person driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license is not covered under most Mexican auto insurance policies.

If you have a valid driver’s license, and you simply forget to take it with you to Mexico, you are still covered. However, it will likely create difficulties with the Mexican authorities if you’re pulled over or involved in an accident.

When you travel to Mexico, and if you intend to driver your car during your visit, ALWAYS remember to have a valid driver’s license with you.

Can I insured a rental car in Mexico?

Most Mexico auto insurance policies will insure rental cars if they are rented and licensed in the US. Moreover, if you rent a car in the US, you will need permission from the rental company to take the vehicle to Mexico. NOTE: most insurers will not insure rental cars with a Mexico License plate.

Can I get Mexico car insurance on a lease?

Yes. However, you will need a permission letter from the lessor to drive the car into Mexico. And they may require you to get a full coverage policy. Be sure to list the lessor’s name and information on the policy application.

Coverage Questions

What’s the difference between liability and physical damage?

Liability insurance provides coverage for damage to another person’s property or injuries you may cause resulting from an accident that is your fault. It is required to have liability insurance when driving in Mexico. 

Physical damage includes your collision and comprehensive coverages. These coverages provide protection for your car, from things like theft, vandalism, falling objects or collisions with other cars are objects. Sometimes the combination of these two are called “full coverage.”

Learn more about Mexico auto insurance coverage.

If I only have liability coverage on my US policy, can I get physical damage coverage in Mexico?

With some Mexico auto insurance polices, if you only have liability coverage on your US policy you cannot purchase physical damage on your Mexico insurance policy. Some companies may make an exception if the vehicle will be in Mexico for more than a certina number of days (eg. 180 days).

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Quoting & Buying Questions

How do I get a quote?

You can get an online quote in just seconds. In fact, if you like your quote you can even purchase online in minutes. If you can also call an insurance agent who sells Mexico auto insurance.  If you would like to speak with one of our insurance agents, you can call (877) 334-7646 and we’ll be happy to assist.

How do I buy Mexico auto insurance?

You can quote & buy online in just minutes. If buying online, you simply complete the initial quote, if you want to proceed to purchase, simply select your coverage and insurance company and proceed to purchase. At this point you will complete the online application and will need the following information:

  • Vehicle ID number (VIN)
  • License plate number
  • US insurance information
  • Lien holder information, if applicable

If you prefer to speak with an insurance agent, you can get a quote and purchase with the same information. If you would like to speak with one of our insurance agents, call us at (877) 334-7646.

What does “CSL” limit mean?

When you see ‘CSL’ it stands for combined single limit, it is the liability limit or the most that can be paid out for liability claims, on the policy you are purchasing for Mexico. It combines both bodily injury and property damage liability. This is different from the more common split limit liability purchased in the US. It is recommended that you purchase a CSL of $300,000 or more, due to Mexico’s current liability laws. Most quotes begin at $300,000 and can be increased to $1,000,000 with some insurance companies.

Claims Questions

How do I file a claim?

If you have an accident in Mexico, immediately call the toll-free number listed on your policy documents. Your adjuster will respond immediately and provide further instructions based on your specific situation. You must file your claim while you are in Mexico.

What if I have an accident or get pulled over in Mexico?

Be sure you have a copy of your policy, declaration pages, and claims information. These documents were likely emailed to you after you purchased your policy. Keep these documents in your vehicle at all times. In the event, you get pulled over for a traffic violation or have an accident in Mexico you will need to present your proof of insurance.

If you have an accident, you will need to contact the insurance company at the phone number(s) provided on your policy documents.

Policy Questions

What if I forget to add a driver to the policy?

Anyone is covered as a driver of your insured vehicle, as long as they have a valid, non-Mexican driver’s license, are over the age of 21 (unless you have paid for this surcharge), and have the registered owner’s permission to operate. On our quote application, you can list up to three people as additional drivers for peace of mind. However, if someone drives who is not listed, they are still covered under this policy as long as they meet the above conditions.

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