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CSE Insurance

CSE Insurance

CSE Insurance is a local insurance carrier dedicated to excellent service and well-designed insurance products.

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Why CSE Insurance?

  • Travelers offers a range of add-ons to your auto insurance policy; new car replacement, roadside assistance and accident forgiveness are all available (terms and conditions apply)

  • Policyholders can login to MyTravelers® – a convenient online portal to pay a bill, access policy documents, submit a claim and even request roadside assistance.

  • Travelers has up to 15 potential auto discounts that you could qualify for

Did You Know?

  • Travelers has a long history of reliability, paying claims following major historical events like the sinking of the Titanic and the Great Chicago Fire

  • They are the only insurance company included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a testament to its sustained success.

About CSE Insurance

In 1949, CSE Insurance Group was founded. The mission was to offer personal insurance with affordable rates for our loyal and dedicated civil service, public employees. While CSE now sells to both public and non-public employees. The values that forged their early years are still a touchstone that CSE Insurance Group lives by today.

The thoughtful people of CSE as well as we insurance agents are also dedicated to the communities in which we live.

Today CSE is owned by Covéa, a $20 billion dollar international insurance carrier from France.

How customer feel about CSE Insurance


How likely people are to renew their policy with Travelers.


How likely people are to recommend Travelers Insurance.


How likely customers rated thier claims experience.

CSE Insurance Reviews:


2.94 / 



Great Place to Work


CSE doesn’t get quality scores on Clearsurance, an independent review site for insurance companies. This is because there are only 19 reviews. Hardly a measure of their customer satisfaction. As a small regional carrier, they are not going to yield the review count of the national brands.

However, their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is an indicator that their current customers are satisfied.

Happy employees tend to create a positive customer experience. As a result, CSE Insurance’s good ratings for claims and customer service reflects their employees’ levels of job satisfaction. This is reflected in its “Great Place to Work” scores.

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What does CSE Insurance offer?

CSE insurance is just for personal insurance like cars, homes, and condos. They are a regional carrier that is dedicated to providing families with affordable insurance solutions. So, this makes sense. Below are some of the products that we sell on behalf of Travelers.

How much can I save with CSE?

CSE insurance has many home and auto insurance discounts. has an extensive list of car insurance discounts that can lower your bill. Below are some of the car discounts you may qualify for (not all are available in every state):

Auto DiscountYour Savings
Multi-Policy Discount
Multi-Car Discount

Insure two or more vehicles with CSE and save up to 8%.

Good Driver Discount

Over 3 years of experience and o at-fault accidents or serious violations in the past 3 years means a discount of up to 20%. 

Continuous Insurance Discount

No lapses in coverage? Here’s a discount of up to 15%.

New Car Discount

Savor up to 10% savings if your vehicle is less than 3 years old.

EFT, Paid in Full and Good Payer Discounts

Save 2-3% by paying through electronic funds transfer (EFT) or payroll deduction; up to 7.5% if you pay your policy in full; or as much as 15% if you consistently pay your premium on time.

Affinity Discount

The company offers special savings to members of certain credit unions, professional groups and other organizations.

Student Away at School Discount
If a dependent driver in your household goes to school at least 100 miles away, you could save up to 7%.
Good Student Discount
If your high school or college student maintains a B average or better, you may receive an 8% discount.

How much does CSE cost?

When you see positive reviews for CSE and you may be wondering if CSE Insurance is expensive.

No! Customers are generally satisfied with the company’s cheap car insurance rates, saying they feel like they get a lot of coverage for the money. Of course, the cost of CSE is influenced heavily by your own personal circumstances, including:

  • Your driving record. If you’ve had tickets, traffic violations, or claims in the past 3-5 years, you’ll get dinged.
  • Your age: Drivers under 25 usually pay a lot more — although U.S. News reports that CSE offers affordable rates for younger drivers.
  • Your credit history. In many states, having poor credit means you’ll pay more for insurance. But if you have good credit, you can save.
  • The type of coverage you choose. The cheapest coverage will always be a state-minimum policy, although you may need more protection for yourself and your vehicle.
  • Where you live. Your state of residence can have a huge impact on your car insurance bill, whether you live in California, Arizona, Nevada, or Utah CSE can have a competitive premium for you.
  • Your personal life. Other factors affecting insurance costs include your marital status, address, and the car you drive.

The best way to know how much insurance costs, however, is to get a quote. You can call an insurance agent to compare auto insurance quotes or start a quote online.

How do I buy CSE Insurance?

Travelers insurance is typically offered through independent insurance agents. In fact, IronPoint Insurance Services, LLC is an independent agent that represents Travelers. You can also find Travelers offered in some comparison quote sites, like, The Zebra, and

If you want to know if Travelers is right for you, you can contact us, or get an insurance quote online: