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Tag: Parenting

How to Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time

Tips to Help Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time Parenting has always been tough, but when you add in the proliferation of social media, it’s not getting easy any time soon. In fact, the devices that are capturing your child’s attention, laptops, tablets, or personal handheld device, are now also the tools for school. This means your kid is spending even more time in front of a screen...

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What is the Average Cost to Raise a Child?

What is the Averge Cost to Raise a Child? When you consider having children and starting your family, you’ll likely think about many things, most obvious among those would be timing, your monthly budget and concerns over the newborn’s health. What you may not think about is the average cost of raising a child from birth to year 18. Regardless if you’re already expecting or merely in the planning...

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