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How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Wind

How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle in the Wind Every new rider gets a jolt of adrenaline the first time they ride across a windy bridge, through a gusty canyon, or has a large truck pass in the opposite lane on a small highway. The effect of wind, especially when it’s sudden, can be unnerving. Knowing how to ride a motorcycle in the wind is an essential skill for all riders. While being light...

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Do You Need Insurance For a Motorcycle?

Do You Need Insurance for a Motorcycle? In just about all states, with the exception being Florida, you’ll need proof of insurance to register your bike. So, it’s a solid ‘yes,’ you do need insurance for a motorcycle. Of course, you can always buy a motorcycle without insurance. However, if you intend to ride it – legally – you’ll need motorcycle insurance....

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Tips to Choosing Your First Motorcycle

Tips for Choosing Your First Motorcycle There is absolutely no single motorcycle that is perfect for everyone. That’s as true for veteran riders as beginners. Heck, there are so many brands, types, styles, and sizes – it’s simply difficult to choose. Honestly, it’s much easier to help you know if you need to buy motorcycle insurance. But if you’re in the market to buy your first motorcycle,...

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Ten Tips to Safe Group Motorcycle Riding

Ten Tips to Safe Group Motorcycle Riding Like surfing or rock climbing, riding a motorcycle is an experience that can’t be simulated or replicated. It leads thousands out to the canyons and winding roads each weekend for a small dose of throttle therapy and good times. For many of us, we subscribe to the philosophy that, “no road is too long if you have good company.” Making group motorcycle riding...

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