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IIHS Shows How They Record Those Awesome Crash Tests

insurance institute for highway safety

Ever wonder what goes into creating the footage during those crash tests? In the auto insurance business, we’re always interested knowing which are the safest cars, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provides a fantastic service to our industry and to consumers when they test the safety of the cars we buy and love.

Sure, we cannot eliminate accidents, but we can study what happens when vehicles crash, and let consumers know the result so we can all make informed choices when buying a new car.

This is actually an awesome service for insurance companies and consumers alike.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash tests

Each year the IIHS crashes a ton of cars. And when they release their findings, it can make your local news headlines.

These tests have actually created a bit of celebrity for the crash test dummy too.

But how do they film these crashes?

I recently came across this video that shows how these vehicles are tested and how the entire process is recorded. It’s actually pretty cool.

This video is from the Institute and it provides us with a behind-the-scenes look at the production capabilities of the folks at the Vehicle Research Center and gives us a better understanding of the care that goes into documenting these tests.

Hope you enjoyed the video! And let’s all continue our support for the IIHS.

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