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About our founder Scott Boren

I’m so happy¬†you’re visiting my insurance agency.

I know this is where you come to learn about me, but this is really about you. I created IronPoint Insurance Services, LLC so that families, like yours, could have an excellent place to get great insurance protection for their car, homes and businesses. It’s really that simple. You already know that you need to buy insurance protect your assets, but you may not know the best way … just that you’d like to do it in a way that fits nicely into the family budget. We get that.

An insurance agency that knows it’s stuff and has a little fun too.

Many of us view insurance with skepticism. The product is not tangible and sometimes it can be pricey. But at IronPoint Insurance Services you get a little more than the insurance you purchased. We offer tons of free stuff, like our eBook on ¬†managing your family finances, forums to discuss community and other things with your neighbors, and video tutorials from things ranging from health and wellness, personal finance, and many other family related topics … including, of course insurance.

I guess you do need to now about me, so here’s my biography…

My name is Scott Boren, and I began my career in insurance directly out of college. I worked for a small, regional insurance company in product management where I designed and developed auto insurance products. It’s a bit of an analytic position but I like math … guess I’m a bit of a geek. From there, I got a fantastic opportunity to work with Esurance directly after their start-up. That was a fantastic ride …learned a ton about managing profit & loss and got to learn much more about the insurance business.

After Esurance, I gained the attention of GEICO and managed their California direct-to-consumer auto insurance business, but that wasn’t as fun as it seemed and I quickly moved to Farmers Insurance where I was Director of Product Management and eventually Director of Research & Development.

In my corporate life I had much time to travel the country talking with insurance agents, or building interesting insurance products to meet the demands of families. I started IronPoint Insuance Services, LLC so that I could directly meet that need … I was done being the wizard behind the scenes. I wanted to change roles and be the Tin Man with the big heart.

So, what do you do next?

Where you go from here is your choice, we’d love to earn your insurance business. But if you’r not ready, we can stay in contact.

So, make your choice:

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Thanks for coming by, and we hope to see you soon!

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