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Car Packing Tips for the Family Road Trip

Family Road Trip

For years we took an annual family road trip to Southern Utah. We know firsthand that summer and spring are great times to take the family on a road trip. With each trip, we created lasting memories, enjoyed new adventures, and became just a bit closer.

Frankly, it was a also great way to get a break from auto insurance as well. 🙂

A family road trip is popular

According to the Bureau of Transportation,  90% of us will take a road trip this summer. In fact, personal autos are used for almost all family road trips less than 300 miles.

So, if you’re one of the many who are going to take a road trip this summer, brush up on some show tunes, charge up those cellphones and iPads, get your portable gaming devices updated, and strap in and enjoy the ride.

However, before you go, take a few minutes to think about your drive, have a plan, and put safety first. If you’re one of those families with four-legged and furry members, make sure you take your pet’s safety into consideration as well. All this will make your friends, family, and insurance agent feel much better.

Family Road Trip Pro Tip:

If you’re a more adventurous road-tripper, you may be considering a drive to Mexico. Remember, you’ll need to buy Mexico Tourism Auto Insurance to have coverage in Mexico.

Car packing tips

Before you leave the driveway make sure you fully understand the importance of securing luggage, maintaining vehicle balance, and keeping clear lines of sight from the driver’s seat to all windows.

Learn car packing tips for safer travels in this video with Travelers Insurance specialist Chris Hayes — and make your road trip a memorable one, for all the right reasons.


Each year too many suffer from injury or financial loss as a result of auto insurance collisions. If review these car packing tips, we can help to reduce your chance of having an accident. It will help save you from the pain of an auto insurance claim, and keep your auto insurance premiums in check.

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