Do You Really Love Your Insurance Company?

Love Insurance Company

You've got to really love your insurance company

For those of us lucky enough to find that special someone, a partner who will stick by our side through thick-and-thin, take care of us when we aren't well - you know - someone we can brag about to our friends...well you've got something special. Does your insurance company make you feel this way?

Well, if it doesn't it should, your auto insurance company should make you feel like you're the most important person when you have a claim your need service?

That's right! Your California insurance company hould make you feel special ... if you selected the right California insurance company of course. Just like your romantic relationships, there is nothing worse than finding out later that your California insurance company is not what they portrayed themselves to be.

So, how do we know if we have selected the right auto insurance company?

Here are six (6) ways to tell if you met the right way:

1. How did you meet?

You didn't hook-up online or in some sleazy place did you? If you did, that's a bad sign that you might not be with the right auto insurance company. It's much better if you get a reference from a good friend, or had sometime to talk with them first....get to know them a bit before you jump into a relationship.

Some of the best insurance companies, like Travelers, The Hartford, MetLife Auto & Home and Mercury Insurance, don't advertise a lot, so you need to talk with your local independent insurance agent to get a formal introduction. A positive, and personal reference, is a good way to start a healthy customer-to-insurance company relationship. Give your local independent insurance agent a call, they work with many insurance companies and will have knowledge of more insurance companies than a captive insurance agent or an online insurance company.

2. Did they tell you what you wanted to hear?

Sometimes we're told what we want to hear, and it all seems pretty good when we're being romanced. But if your insurance company wasn't asking you to be honest, they were likely not honest with you either.

It's best if both of you are being straight with each other. Sure, it might sound good to embellish, but in the end, you get what you pay for.

3. Did they do all the talking?

If the conversation is too one-sided, and your partner is not asking enough about YOU, then there might be an issue. The only way to know if there is a good match is the ask the right questions. If your insurance company isn't getting the details about your unique financial situation, then they likely aren't getting you the right level of protection. Maybe they're just in it for themselves?

4. How did they treat you when it was all done?

If you drive claim-free for years, do they reward you? Do they reward you for being a long-term customer? If you they don't treat you well when you deserve it, then they might not deserve you.

5. How do they treat you when you need them most?

When you have an insurance claim, this is where your California insurance company needs to do it's best to make you feel good. If they aren't going the extra mile for you when you have a claim, then this is a relationship that needs to end quick. Heck, this is the only real responsibility they have in the relationship right - no one's asking them to take out the garbage.

You want to be with a California insurance company that has a long history of good service and claims handling, financial security and strength, and it's better to have an insurance agent who is directly responsible to you. If the insurance company has you call into a large call center there is no way for you to develop a relationship with the company, providing that your interests are properly understood.

6. Been in the relationship too long, maybe you need to spice things up?

When you've been with your auto insurance company for a long time, you might think you need a change. That's because the auto insurance company isn't making sure they have kept up with the changes in your life. Do they really know you? And when you do bring up change, are they more than willing to work with you to find the best option? Well, some can't because they don't offer choices...but if they do you might have found a keeper.


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