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Two Important Reasons to Buy Mexico Car Insurance

Buy Mexico Car Insurance

If you’re going to drive your vehicle in Mexico, you need to buy Mexico car insurance. It’s pretty simple. This isn’t salesman talk. Let me share a little story. Many years ago, during my first year of college, a good friend and I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas for a summer of sun and fun. Part of the quest was to witness a once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse of the Sun.

We packed up a Ford Astro Van and headed for the border. That was my first experience driving into Mexico. I had no idea we needed to buy Mexico car insurance. In fact, had my traveling companion not mentioned it, I would have been the fool who crossed the border uninsured. Like many, I just didn’t know that auto insurance is required in Mexico.

This leads me to my point, some of us know that it’s a requirement to have the proper Mexican car insurance when driving in Mexico. Others don’t. Some even think they simply don’t need Mexico auto insurance. Fortunately, we didn’t have an accident while driving in Mexico. However, some friends we met did and they had proper Mexico auto insurance coverage and it worked out.

Driving in Mexico? Buy Mexico tourism auto insurance

We’re here to tell you that you need to buy Mexico car insurance if you intend to drive your car in Mexico. The requirement to be insured is not a “myth,” there is no slap-on-the-wrist, and you likely will not be able to pay a “field” fine to the Federal Policy if have an accident without proper insurance.

In fact, there are many who have headed south without the proper insurance, and they have paid dearly for this mistake. There are many reasons why you should get the proper Mexico car insurance when traveling south of the border, here are the two biggies:

1 – It’s the law you numskull, It’s required

It doesn’t matter what you think, or what your friends and family say, it only matters what the law says. And the law in Mexico requires you to carry the proper Mexican auto insurance.

Just like in the US where we have financial responsibility, the same is true in Mexico. However, in many states in the U.S., those driving without auto insurance can face fines and even have their vehicle confiscated. Guess what, the same thing is true in Mexico.

Even if a state in Mexico has yet to adopt the full breadth of the financial responsibility laws enacted in 2012, it’s a de-facto requirement that vehicles have insurance that meets the federal responsibility requirements.

Here is where the differences between Mexico and the U.S. come in, when in the U.S. if you’re involved in an auto accident you exchange information and go on your merry, with the understanding that you can resolve matters through your insurance coverage as needed.

In Mexico, things work differently, and if you’re involved in a car accident, you are likely going to be facing a local judge who determines fault. The party at fault is then held until the ability to pay for the damages is demonstrated.

If you cannot demonstrate the ability to pay, in many cases this can mean jail time. Ouch!

If you’ve purchased the proper Mexico car insurance, you will have two very important things in the event of an accident:

  • Liability coverage that will demonstrate the ability to pay for the damage.
  • Legal assistance coverage provides representation before the authorities, and even bail bonds if necessary.

2- Your domestic auto insurance policy won’t cover you in Mexico

Even if your auto insurance policy provides a limited Mexico endorsement, and even if it would provide you insurance coverage for liability in Mexico (it won’t), it doesn’t matter. Mexican law provides that liability insurance can only be provided through an admitted Mexican insurance company.

So your US auto insurance is effectively worthless for liability claims in Mexico.

Don’t be fooled, many U.S. auto insurance and RV insurance providers may offer a limited Mexico coverage endorsement, but this is normally for physical damage coverages (Collision and Comprehensive), not for liability.

In your policy, the territory where coverage is allowed will normally be defined as something like the following:

The policy territory is:

  1. The United States of America, its territories or possessions;
  2. Puerto Rico; or
  3. Canada

This policy also applies to loss to, or accidents involving, “your covered auto” while being transported between their ports.

This means you don’t have coverage in Mexico, period.

So, if your insurance policy is with Mercury Insurance, State Farm, or Allstate, it will not qualify as admitted under Mexican insurance regulations, you will need a Mexico car insurance policy from a company like Qualitas, Mapfre, or AXA Seguros. Frankly, there are many differences between Mexican and US auto insurance, even if your US policy would be used, there would likely be several coverage gaps.


There are several good reasons to buy Mexico car insurance including protecting your own car, travel assistance, or providing medical payments for the occupant of your vehicle in the event of an accident. But when it comes down to it, the most important reason to stay within the concepts is that it is required and your US policy doesn’t have anything to offer.

The prospect of being before the judge, and negotiating the Mexican legal system is intimidating even if you are fluent in Spanish.

Even fluent Spanish speakers can find sitting in front of a judge with limited to no knowledge of the legal system intimidating. The bottom line is that no insurance can equal a fine or worse jail time. This is why many of the seasoned Mexico visitors call Mexico insurance the “get out of jail free card.

Photo provided under Creative Commons license via Flicker by Eneas De Troya.

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