[Infographic] 8 Craziest Things Said to an Auto Insurance Adjuster

[Infographic] 8 Craziest Things Said to an Auto Insurance Adjuster Auto insurance claims are no fun, that’s for sure. If you’ve ever been through one, you’re sure to agree. The insurance adjuster, however, has to be there to participate in each one. Imagine if your job was to adjust these insurance claims, each day you’re trying to satisfy the needs and expectations of...

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Auto Insurance Claims: Avoid Pitfalls and Nightmares

Auto Insurance Claims: Avoid Pitfalls and Nightmares Image Source: Pawel Kadysz Had a car accident? It’s time to file an auto insurance claim. Car accidents happen, that’s why we have auto insurance. Did you know that each time one of us has a car accident, a claims adjuster gets their wings? Not really. Statistically speaking, car accidents happen to approximately 2% of California drivers every...

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What to Do if Your Vehicle is a Total Loss

What to Do if Your Vehicle is a Total Loss You Totaled Your Car? What Should You Do? You didn’t set out to crash your car, but it happened and now you’re at the mercy of the claims process. Not just any claim, but a total loss insurance claim. Aargh! I’ve been there and fully understand, this isn’t fun, but a good insurance company will treat you fairly and keep you informed of the process. The...

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[Infographic] Home Insurance Claims can Costs More Than You Think

Home Insurance Claims Costs, Always More Than You Think Home insurance claims are expensive and gaps in coverage can be costly Nobody plans to have a home insurance claim, but the happen. According to ISO, in 2012 7.2% of of homes had to make a home insurance claim. You’re probably thinking, that’s not so bad, 7.2% is a reasonable number. However, when you realize that home insurance,...

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