What the New Home Buyer Learns: Importance of Home Insurance

New Home Buyer Lesson: Importance of Home Insurance Growing up in sunny California is great, even if you sell home and auto insurance :-). But there I one thing that our suntans, great weather, and awesome beaches can’t conceal and that the real price of a California home ownership. As a young man living in Orange County, home ownership seemed a far-off dream, it was something you nearly almost...

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Buying Insurance is Still Best with the Advice of an Insurance Agent

Buying Insurance is Still Best with the Advice of an Insurance Agent Every industry wants to see improved customer satisfaction rankings, and this year the insurance industry is seeing huge improvements in overall customer satisfaction. According to the recently released JD Powers 2015 Auto Insurance Study, even millennials have expressed a sharp increase in satisfaction with their auto insurance...

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Pool Safety Tips to Protect Your Family and Friends

Pool Safety Tips to Protect Your Family and Friends Enjoy your pool, beat the summer heat, but do it safely. Summertime in California is special. Long days at the beach and afternoons relaxing at the pool. No wonder so many people come to live in sunny California. I know it’s not for the California home insurance policies! 🙂 While it’s true, the weather here is pretty darn good all year...

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Simple and Easy Ways to Prevent Home Theft

The Ten Myths about Insurance People Believe If you had the “Home Theft for Dummies” handbook, rule #1 would be “find an easy mark.” If you’re not going to do some of the basics to make your home less appealing to burglars, then you better have pretty good home insurance. Did you know that research has found that a burglar will avoid your home if it takes more than four (4) or five (5) minutes...

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5 Steps to Simplify Your Home Renovation and Still get Your Dream House

The Ten Myths about Insurance People Believe The dreaded home remodel, you want the result, but going through the hassle is an entirely different thing altogether. Don’t fret, you’re in pretty good company, U.S. homeowners spent $130 billion on home renovations in 2014. In fact, nearly 75% of all homeowners are expected to undertake some type of home improvement this year. So you’re not alone...

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Too much focus on price, and you lose insurance protection

Insurance Protection is Why You Buy Insurance, Not Price As insurance professionals, we have a tough job, we need to provide our consumers with the right insurance protection, but frequently all the consumer wants is to save money. This desire to save money is totally understandable, none of us what to pay too much for … well anything. We all want to feel like we’re getting a good deal when we...

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[Infographic] Home Insurance Claims can Costs More Than You Think

Home Insurance Claims Costs, Always More Than You Think Home insurance claims are expensive and gaps in coverage can be costly Nobody plans to have a home insurance claim, but the happen. According to ISO, in 2012 7.2% of of homes had to make a home insurance claim. You’re probably thinking, that’s not so bad, 7.2% is a reasonable number. However, when you realize that home insurance,...

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Home Insurance review, protecting against gaps in coverage

A Home Insurance Review is Protection From Coverage Gaps There is no time like the present to do a home insurance review. Honestly, it’s a great way to make sure you’re family’s belongings are protected. You’re likely asking, why do I need to check-in with my insurance agent for an annual review? Check out the benefits of an annual home insurance review. If you’re like so many homeowners, you...

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Should I buy home insurance?

Should I Buy Home Insurance, Do I Really Need It? Should you buy home insurance may seem like a valid question. If you haven’t had a home insurance claim, you may be asking yourself, “is home insurance really necessary? And, “what is the real value of homeowner’s insurance?” When you’re making your monthly home insurance premiums it may be difficult to see the real value of home insurance,...

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