Louis C.K. Gets Serious About Texting and Driving (Kinda!)

Louis C.K. Gets Serious About Texting and Driving (Kinda!) Typically, we talk about comparison auto insurance quotes, personal and business insurance, home and auto safety tips, and a hodge-podge of financial management advise. And sometimes we simply have fun. This is a chance to combine the serious with the fun! Louis C.K. is one of our favorite comedians, and he’s currently at the top of his...

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Your car breaks down

What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

What to do if your car breaks down or you have a blowout? When we talk about your car, we like to remind you about the value of comparison auto insurance quotes, or how to select auto insurance coverage, you know the fun stuff. 🙂 But sometimes it’s just a bit more important when we discuss safety issues, like what to down when your car breaks down or directly after an auto accident. Owning a car...

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Auto Insurance Safety: Car Packing Tips

Auto Insurance Safety: Car Packing Tips Summer is a great time to take the family on a road trip. I know, we take an annual trip to visit our family in Southern Utah each year, where I get to get away from talking about auto insurance, and my family gets to enjoy Zion, fresh air, and exploring the woods on ATV’s. Did you know, nine out of 10 Americans will drive to their travel/vacation...

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[Video] Driving Safety Tip: Create Safety Zones to Prevent Driver Distraction

The Ten Myths about Insurance People Believe We all know that cellphones are a major source of driver distraction, and they’re a rising cause of accidents nationally and rising auto insurance costs. But did you know that the second leading cause of driver distraction are the other passengers in your vehicle? That’s right. I’ve witnessed this with my own personal experience, my daughter has...

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Auto Insurance Safety Tips: The Physics of Crumple Zones

[Video] Driving Safety Tip: Create Safety Zones to Prevent Driver Distraction It may feel like that big car you’re driving is solid, and in most ways it is, but it may be designed to crumple. That’s right, and you want it to crumple, despite what your intuition is telling you. Since they’ve been keeping statistics on motor vehicle incidents, the risk of being killed in an accident has decreased...

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[Infographic] Auto Insurance Claims: Data to Help You Avoid Accidents

Auto Insurance Claims: Data to Help You Avoid Accidents Avoid Auto Insurance Claims with Data We purchase auto insurance to have protection against financial harm when we experience an accident. But nobody actually thinks they’ll be involved in an accident. The reality is that claims do happen, and they can have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyday people. So if you knew a little more about...

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Safe cars for teenager? Checkout or recommended safe used cars for teenage drivers

Safe Cars for Teenager: Recommended Safe Used Cars If you have teenagers, like I do, then you know what an assault on your emotions this can be, the ups-and-downs, the disagreements and rewards, the pride of seeing them grow into adults, and the sadness that you’re baby boy or girl is all grown up. It’s an emotional roller-coaster to say the least. But of all the emotional stress that we face...

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[VIDEO] Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Shows How They Record Those Awesome Crash Tests

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Shows How They Record Those Awesome Crash Tests Ever wonder what goes into creating the footage during those crash test? In the auto insurance business we’re always interested knowing which are the safest cars, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provides a fantastic service to our industry and to consumers, when they test the safety of the...

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