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[INFOGRAPHIC] Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency

Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency

Before I started IronPoint Insurance Services I had a good … no it was great … corporate life. I worked for some of the largest insurance brands in America and I held leadership roles in product management and marketing.

For reasons that are more suitable for a different post, I elected to leave my cushy corporate gig and start my own business.

Big changes were afoot.

The big question, what business was I going to get into? I considered many different business opportunities. But I learned a lesson from one of my early mentors, do what you know. So, I was going to start an insurance agency.

I could tell that many of my friends and family thought I lost my mind.

I had not.

Since I spent most of my career at Farmers Insurance, it would have made the most sense for me to start a captive insurance agency. It would have been very easy to be a Farmers Insurance Agent. But I wanted to have a better shot at success, and that meant I needed to have a business that could provide better value to the consumers.

I started an independent insurance agency because it gave me the best chance to meet the complex needs of both personal and business insurance consumers.

Below is an infographic which illustrates the benefits of an independent insurance agency.

Benefits of Independent Insurance Agent


I have been very happy with my choice to start IronPoint Insurance Services. We have great insurance carrier partnerships with Mercury Insurance, Progressive, Travelers Insurance, The Hartford, and many other high quality companies.

In a future post I’ll discuss why I chose to represent Mercury Insurance Company. That has been a partnership that has provided great value to both IronPoint Insurance Services, and to our many customers who have elected to purchase their insurance from Mercury.

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