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Auto Insurance Claims: Data to Help You Avoid Accidents

Avoid Auto Insurance Claims

Avoid Auto Insurance Claims with Data

We purchase auto insurance to have protection against financial harm when we experience an accident. But nobody actually thinks they’ll be involved in an accident.

The reality is that claims do happen, and they can have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyday people. So if you knew a little more about auto insurance claims, maybe you could avoid … or mitigate the likelihood that you’ll be involved in an accident.

In January our friends at Progressive Insurance published findings about auto insurance accidents from their personal auto insurance claims data for 2014. Since Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance companies here in the United States, their findings are going to be statistically consistent for the auto insurance market at large. So there is a lot to be learned for all of us … not just Progressive insurance customers.

Here are a few noteworthy finding from the data:

  1. The 5 states where you are most likely to file an auto insurance claim where all in the East. California – way NOT lead the pack!
  2. Weekdays were the busiest days for claims, and the weekends were the least busy (Saturday and Sunday).
  3. Vandalism and theft, however, didn’t take a weekend holiday as they were the busiest days for these perils.

According to Mike Sieger, Claims Operations Leader for Progressive, “the goal of the report is to empower people with information so they can avoid accidents. For example, when people see that rear-ending is the top claim of 2014, maybe they’ll think twice before following the person in front of them too closely. Or that seeing intersections claims are so high on the list will show them that running that red isn’t worth the time you save.”

We couldn’t agree more, so we are publishing a copy of the infographic that illustrates the findings.

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