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The 8 Craziest Things Said to an Auto Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster

Auto insurance claims are no fun, that’s for sure. If you’ve ever been through one, you’re sure to agree. The insurance adjuster, however, has to be there to participate in each one.

Imagine if your job was to adjust these insurance claims, each day you’re trying to satisfy the needs and expectations of your claimants.

That’s tough.

It doesn’t matter if you just back into a Toyota in the supermarket parking lot, or rear-end an exotic super-car, the Insurance claim can never move fast enough, and the policy or process never seems to meet the high expectations of the involved parties. Its the insurance adjuster who has to navigate this minefield.

Your insurance adjusters are there to assist in the process, the good ones function as a guide. It’s their practice to make sure that this unpleasant process is made … well bearable.

There are a few steps in the process of an insurance claim, first is to make contact with each of the involved parties, collect or verify contact information (including verifying coverage), and begin the logistical portion of the claim, the investigation, and then resolution.

The insurance claims investigation

None of these steps are as interesting as the investigation, however. This is where the insurance adjuster gets to here the truth … as seen through the eyes of the claimants and policyholders.

If there is a dispute over the facts of a loss, this is where the adverse parties will express their differences. In some instances, the desire to not be “at fault” will drive one to be “creative” with their recollection. In other cases, the parties are just bad communicators. It’s the bad communicators that can lead to some very funny responses to investigation questions.

Below is a fun infographic if 8 of the craziest things said during a claims investigation.

Now, I caution you, as you read these remember, you share the roadways with these folks, in fact, they may be your neighbors.

Crazy Things Said to Insurance Adjuster



We jest, but auto insurance claims, like all other claims are serious business. The professionals who take the responsibility have a tough job to adjudicate these claims and provide a fair and reasonable remedy to each insured loss.

Insurance claims will sometime be resolved in a way that will make you unhappy, this is normally the product of not understanding the insurance you purchased. It’s not typically the insurance adjuster. So, be kind with the adjuster. If you’re not sure if you have the right coverage, you should discuss your current auto insurance, or any of your insurance products, with an insurance agent. You may be surprised where you currently have gaps in coverage.

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